How to Train Employees on Lockout/Tagout Systems

Maintenance workers have dangerous jobs; when crawling around inside machinery for repairs, there’s always a risk that someone will come along and start a piece of equipment without knowing that there’s someone inside. This is true whether the risk comes[…]

Summer Workplace Hazards

When the cold temperatures of winter fade away, and the heat of the summer approaches, it is important to look at how workplace safety can be affected. Each season brings with it a different set of safety concerns, and if[…]

Surface Contamination in the Workplace

Maintaining a safe workplace involves far more than just ensuring everyone has the right safety equipment and the facility is kept free from obvious hazards. Every facility needs to work to limit any type of safety concerns throughout the facility.[…]

Scaffolding Safety – Addressing Slips and Fall Hazards

Scaffolding has been aiding in the construction of both home and commercial buildings, in various forms, for hundreds of years now. In the 1600s, wood planks were inserted into vacant spaces purposefully created in bricks walls, then boards would be[…]

Foam Tool Organizers in the Garage

Along with the flowers, and outdoor runners, the warmer weather of spring brings out all the car enthusiasts from their winter slumber. The cold weather of winter often puts car repair projects on hold. Each spring, however, millions of people[…]

Getting in the Zone – How to Keep Road Work Zones Safe & Accident Free

In many countries, the sunny spring and summer months are known not only for being the time for barbecues, going to the beach, and taking vacations, but also for roadway work and construction projects. When the weather gets nice and[…]

“Back” to the Basics – Preventing Lower Back Injuries in the Workplace

Back pain and injuries account for some of the most reported and most serious common workplace injuries worldwide. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a country whose labor department doesn’t dedicate pages of literature to both employers and employees[…]