Why Does Six Sigma Projects Often Fall Short of Expectations

Six Sigma Blues One all-too-common problem in the Lean Six Sigma arena stems from the fact that it’s hard to be a believer in a system when it simply doesn’t work for you. When it comes to Lean, the reasons[…]

8 Electricity Tips for Staying Safe

A Guide for Keeping Safe around Electricity Of all the many safety hazards in the workplace, few can cause as much damage, injury or even death as electricity. To make it worse, accidents with electricity can literally happen in the[…]

Five Locations where Workshop Floor Markings should be used

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Top Ten Shipping Dock Safety Tips

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How to Plan Effective Workplace Safety Drills

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Confined Space Entry Permits – Safety Guidelines Hidden In The Cracks

Confined Space Entry Permits – Safety Guidelines Hidden In The Cracks  Dangerous, confined spaces are the stuff of horror films and cringe-worthy moments on screen, and there’s a reason. Depictions of people trapped in a confined space not only play[…]


Improving Facility Processes through DMAIC Cycle If you’re looking for ways to improve virtually any process in your facility, you will want to make sure you are making informed changes that are focused on getting the results you desire. One[…]