Healthcare Floor Marking Policy

A Complete Healthcare Floor Marking Policy Guide One of the fastest growing trends in healthcare today is implementing efficiency standards based on Lean 5S concepts. This is important because it can benefit hospitals, doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities to[…]

Violence in the Workplace – 5 Important Facts

Looking at the Root Causes of Violence in the Workplace  When looking at workplace safety, one thing that is often neglected is the idea of violence in the workplace. This can be a touchy subject because it can be hard[…]

Struck by Incidents – 5 Ways to Reduce the Risk

Struck by Incidents within the Workplace When looking at accident reports and statistics from workplaces around the country, it is hard to ignore just how dangerous struck-by incidents can be. While their frequency isn’t quite as high as many other[…]

Near Misses In The Workplace – A Complete Guide

Near-misses methodology Near misses, and by extension their monitoring and effectiveness in indicating safety trends, are a constant discussion topic in professional message boards. Just this last week, for example, Fabio Chaves, an HSE and Sales Junior Engineer, asked his[…]

JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) – 5 Things You Should Know

Overall Review of JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) Completing a job hazard analysis, or JHA, is one of the most important things you can do to help improve the overall safety of your facility. The JHA will help identify potential risks[…]

Forklift Dangers that may Suprise You

Forklift Dangers and How to Avoid Them Forklifts are one of the most common types of vehicles that are used on the worksite. They are most commonly found in manufacturing facilities, but are also frequently used in warehouses, construction sites[…]

Enhance Safety Communication – 4 Tips that Work

Enhance Safety Communication Communicating in the workplace is one of the most important things that you can do to improve safety. There are many types of communication that is done in most facilities, and when done properly, it can help[…]