Change Acceptance – How to Affect Positive Paradigm Shifts

Better Productivity with Old Paradigms is Difficult Resistance to change amongst your workforce and business structure is an issue that’s been beaten to death by guru after guru, article after article, and website after website… and for good reason. Change[…]

10 Reasons Why Industrial Labeling is Important

Improve Organization and Efficiency with Industrial Labeling Industrial labeling is an essential activity in any facility, and for many different reasons. For example, it can help to improve safety as well as organization and even efficiency. In fact, proper labeling[…]

5 Most Common Reasons Why Risk Assessments Fail

Improve your Process and Understand Why Risk Assessments Fail One of the most important safety processes that a facility needs to perform is the risk assessment. These assessments can help you to identify potential problems, so that you can make[…]

Lean Six Sigma And Change Management

Lean Six Sigma Working Together Lean and Six Sigma, often used together, are two tried and true methodologies for identifying problems in a process and, to an extent, working to correct those problems as well. Indeed, Lean is touted under[…]

7 Tips for Safely Responding to Chemical Spills in the Workplace

Chemical Spills in the Workplace When it comes to safety hazards in the workplace, there are few things that are as scary or serious as a chemical spill. Whether it is a small spill or something bigger, they can all[…]

OSHA Injury Reporting Updates – September 2014 Brings New Rules

OSHA Update – Reporting Injuries  This autumn brings about some big changes for American businesses operating under the jurisdiction of OSHA (hint: that’s just about everyone!). As of September 11th 2014, the requirements for having to report injuries and fatalities[…]

10 Ways Floor Marking Shapes can Organize your Facility

Floor Marking Shapes Promoting Efficiency and Eliminating Waste When working on improving the organization of your facility, you need to take many things into account. Identifying an efficient place to store inventory or parts, for example, is absolutely essential. In[…]