When Rules Aren’t Followed – Addressing Safety Non-Compliance

Whats the Best Way of Treating Employees who Violate Safety Rules? So you’ve noticed some concerning behaviors among workers, namely, the safety rules and regulations of your workplace aren’t being followed. Yikes!  This type of problem is one that, while[…]

Floor Marking Best Practices

A Guide to Floor Marking Best Practices No matter what type of facility you manage or work in, you will want to make sure your floor markings are properly conveying the information you need them to be. For many facilities,[…]

LinkedIn Discussion – The Most Important Lean and Six Sigma Tools

LinkedIn Discussion Unravels Important Lean and Six Sigma Tools Lean and Six Sigma methodology both work together toward the common goal of getting your business into its best shape possible. When conducting Lean operations, you’re looking at ways to reduce[…]

Visual Control Boards

Visual Control Boards If you are looking for a great way to improve the organization of your facility, you will want to look into using visual control boards. These boards can provide any facility with a single location where everyone[…]

Executive Acceptance of Operational Excellence – Not Just A Pretty Rhyme

Introduction to Operational Excellence  For most of us, Lean is a common concept by now. By extension, we’re also familiar with the idea of continuous improvement; the way we run our business should ultimately be reflective of a chain of efforts[…]

Labels that Last when Attached to Wet Surfaces

Vinyl Labels to the Rescue  When you are working in a manufacturing or warehouse facility, you will likely see labels used throughout the area. Whether on chemical containers, machines, electrical systems or anything else, these labels are a great way[…]

Labels that Last when Attached to Hot Surfaces

What Types of Labels will Last when Attached to Hot Surfaces? If you manage any type of manufacturing facility, you know how important it is to have proper labeling. In many cases, it is required by local, state or federal[…]