Gemba Walk for Manufacturing

Introducing Gemba Walk in a Manufacturing Environment Gemba walks are becoming a very popular and effective way for facility management and other key areas to learn more about what goes on within the facility. Gemba, which simply means ‘the real[…]

Understanding Key Lean Manufacturing Concepts

Lean Manufacturing Concepts to Implement Implementing the lean methodologies in your facility is an important decision. Whether you’re getting to ready a lean initiative or you are just weighing the benefits of the strategies it is a good idea to[…]

Custom Safety Labeling for Manufacturing

Save Money with Custom Safety Labeling When working in a manufacturing environment one of the most important things for safety is being able to convey information quickly and accurately to employees in the area. Whether this is letting people know[…]

GHS Compliance – Time is Running out

It seems like quite some time ago now that OSHA completed their 2012 final rule revising the Hazard Communication Standard, also known as the ‘right to know’ regulation. For many companies, the new regulations were looked over and then largely[…]

Seven Simple & Effective Manufacturing Safety Tips

Manufacturing facilities are an essential part of the global economy, but they are also one of the more dangerous places of employment. While there have been significant manufacturing safety improvements over the past several decades, many facilities still have a[…]

Pipe Marking Tips and Tricks

Pipe Marking Tips that Could Improve Workplace Safety For many facilities the only thing they think about when it comes to pipe marking is whether or not they are in compliance with the required standards from organizations such as ANSI[…]

Untracked Near Miss Data Kills Profits

How Near Miss Data Can Improve Your Business The fact that safety and profitability go hand and hand has been written about extensively by myself and many others over the years. While many facilities still look at safety improvement as[…]