Seven Simple & Effective Manufacturing Safety Tips

Manufacturing facilities are an essential part of the global economy, but they are also one of the more dangerous places of employment. While there have been significant manufacturing safety improvements over the past several decades, many facilities still have a[…]

Pipe Marking Tips and Tricks

Pipe Marking Tips that Could Improve Workplace Safety For many facilities the only thing they think about when it comes to pipe marking is whether or not they are in compliance with the required standards from organizations such as ANSI[…]

Untracked Near Miss Data Kills Profits

How Near Miss Data Can Improve Your Business The fact that safety and profitability go hand and hand has been written about extensively by myself and many others over the years. While many facilities still look at safety improvement as[…]

Kanban Process – Understanding the Steps for Better Efficiency

Kanban A to Z Kanban is one of the older Lean tools or strategies tracing its origins back to (where else) Toyota. Kanban itself is system that helps companies sort through their potentially hectic operations and come out on the[…]

10 Scenarios to use Floor Marking

When looking around any warehouse or manufacturing facility there will undoubtedly be many things that you take notice of. In many cases, the last thing you are likely to notice is the floor. This, however, can actually be a major[…]

Safety Walk – Gemba Style

Have You Done Your Safety Walk? One of the most important goals of any facility should be to keep the employees and the company as safe as possible. In most cases, all the basic safety requirements will already be in[…]

HAZWOPER Analysis – 5 Important Steps

The term HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard, and is a set of standards created by OSHA. These standards are specifically applicable to five groups of employers/employees according to OSHA, but they can also be used[…]