Safety Signs – OSHA’s Standards and Specifications

Reviewing Safety Signs Standards and Specifications Safety signs are one of the simplest, yet most effective safety improvement options you can use for your facility. These signs are affordable, easy to get and can convey almost any message you need[…]

Removing Painted Floor Markings – Tips and Tricks

How to Remove Painted Floor Markings Painted floor markings can be an effective way to convey a message within a facility. In the even that you no longer need these markings or you want to make adjustments to them, however,[…]

6S or 5S – The Great Debate

6S or 5S – Which Side of the Fence are You On 6S is seen by many as the ‘next step’ in the evolution of workplace waste elimination and efficiency improvement. As with any type of change, however, there are[…]

OSHA Spill Kit Requirements and Tips

Understanding OSHA’s Spill Kit Requirements Most facilities have some type of chemicals or other things that are dangerous, yet necessary for getting specific jobs done. Most of the time these products are used without any problem, but in the event[…]

Kaizen Continuous Improvement – Ten Tips

Ten Tips to Help You with Your Kaizen Continuous Improvement Strategy The Kaizen methodology encourages ongoing efforts to ensure continuous improvement throughout a facility. This improvement can come in many forms including waste elimination, improved efficiency, safer work environments and[…]

Kanban System Basics for Manufacturing

Introduction to Kanban for Manufacturing If you are looking for a way to reduce waste in your facility, the Kanban methodology might be the perfect solution. Kanban was developed by the Toyota Corporation and has since been used by thousands[…]

Pipe Marking Saves Lives

Pipe Marking and Your Employees When someone is talking about pipe markings the conversation typically is focused on why they are important for regulatory compliance or for convenience or even to improve general safety. When it comes right down to[…]