5S Program – Sort

When learning about the 5S program most people can quickly see how it can be helpful and improve efficiency in the facility. The whole strategy is quite easy when looking at it at a high level. If you’re not careful, however, it can get confusing with the actual implementation. This is because some of the […]

TPM Lean Production

Total productive maintenance, or TPM is a program that can help a facility to keep their machines in operation as much as possible. It is generally considered a part of the LEAN methodologies as it greatly reduces downtime, which is a form of waste. While the goal is simple (improved machine production) it is actually […]

Kaikaku – What Is It?

Kaikaku is Japanese word that means ‘radical change.’ It is also a business concept that looks at the idea of making radical changes in order to achieve significant improvements. Some people compare it to the Kaizen system, but that is a mistake. While both are options for making changes to a business practice, Kaizen is […]

GHS Label Information

When it comes to labels, few are better known than the GHS labels (even if people don’t always realize that is what they are called). GHS, or the Globally Harmonized System, is an international set of standards that are agreed upon to help ensure people from across many industries and around the world are all […]

Understanding the DMAIC Model

The DMAIC model is an important part of the Six Sigma methodology. When waste or inefficiencies are found in a process, the DMAIC model can help to work through it and identify solutions. It is a standard set of steps or phases that allows a team to identify root causes of problems, propose solutions, and […]

How to Become Six Sigma

Attaining any level of Six Sigma certification is a significant accomplishment, and one that can help you to advance in your career. Many positions in companies require that you have at least a certain level belt in order to qualify, and others list it as an accomplishment that is highly recommended. No matter how much […]

Kaizen – 3 ‘G’ Principles

Kaizen is a Japanese term for improvement, and is commonly uses as the basis for a methodology that is focused on continuous improvement for businesses. It is most commonly used in warehouse and manufacturing facilities where the goals of eliminating waste and improving efficiency are very important. While Kaizen as a whole is a very […]

Spill Kits 101

When running a facility of any type, you are going to have a variety of different chemicals and other potentially hazardous products on site. While these are necessary for getting jobs done, they can also be very dangerous if they are spilled. Even just water can cause a hazard if it is not cleaned up […]