10 Tips You Should Remember when Solving Problems

I have a business within the visual safety and industrial consulting markets, and we have a lot of everyday challenges that arise, from customer service to transportation scheduling, and, as the company leader, I am expected to make things right.

Well, everyone makes mistakes, and some problems are harder to solve than others.  Sometimes, I need to look outside myself for some advice to give me some insight.

As I was online looking for answers to a recent issue, I came across Mark Graban’s article about problem-solving on his Lean Blog.  Although he tends to focus his efforts on hospital and healthcare issues, his insights are usually applicable even to my industrial field, because, hey, a problem is a problem, right?.

According to Mr. Graban, to avoid making mistakes, one must know what the mistakes are, and he lists his 10 Common Problem Solving Mistakes.

Although, I think the 11th mistake would be “Not Remembering What You Did To Solve the Problem.”  It’s the old “Rinse and Repeat” of the Deming Cycle.

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