3 Tips to Improve Visual Communication

Improve Safety and Efficiency with Visual Communication

When looking for ways to improve the organization, safety and efficiency of a facility, few things can be as effective as visual communication. Visual communication strategies are almost always very inexpensive (or even free) and can provide immediate improvements that are measurable and long lasting. The following are some of the many types of benefits you can enjoy from implementing or improving a visual communication strategy:

  • Safety Benefits – Using visual communication tools to keep people safe is very common. Employees and visitors can be alerted to hazards by just catching a glance of certain signs or other items.
  • Efficiency Benefits – Visual communications are excellent for directing employees on their jobs. This can eliminate a lot of wasted time and energy throughout the facility. A more efficient company will have a much more attractive bottom line.
  • Cleanliness Benefits – You can also use visual communication strategies to identify where trash bins belong, where recycling centers are and much more. Using these strategies can help keep your facility cleaner.

If you are looking for ways to improve your visual communication strategy in your facility, take some time to learn about and implement the following three tips. They have been used by thousands of companies around the world and have a proven track record of success.

Floor Marking Tape

floor-marked-machineUsing floor marking tape in your visual communication strategies can be extremely effective. It is easy to use, affordable and long lasting. Floor marking tape can come in a variety of colors and even have patterns on it to convey a message when people see it.

Take a look at some of the following ways that your facility can use floor marking tape as a part of your visual communications strategy:

  • Aisle Way Marking – Placing floor marking tape down at the edges of aisles can help ensure high-lows and other vehicles don’t accidentally run into shelves or other items. It can also help ensure items stored in the aisle don’t stick out too much.
  • Marking Dangerous Equipment Areas – Using a specific color of floor marking tape in areas where indoor vehicles are operating, for example, can remind people that they need to be more careful when in the area.
  • Moving Parts Alerts – You can place floor marking tape along the outer edge of where a moving part can reach. This will let people know that if they are on or past the tape, they need to watch out for the moving hazard.
  • Specialty Communications – There are different types of floor marking tape that can be used in specialty situations. For example, glow-in-the-dark floor marking is great for illuminating emergency paths during a power outage. You can also use floor marking tape to alert people to a slippery floor. The tape itself can be used to add traction so the area is safer.

Of course, you can use floor marking tape for many other things to improve visual communications in your facility. Think of how much open room you have on your facility’s flooring and how you can take advantage of it by adding floor marking tape. Installing floor marking tape is fast and easy, which is why it is one of the most popular and effective forms of visual communication in facilities around the world.

Industrial Label Printers

labeltac-cartOne of the best ways to convey a visual message is by using labels or signs. If you’re looking to add these things to different areas of your facility, then having an industrial label printer is an excellent option. Industrial label printers are affordable and easy to use to create the exact message you need.

When you have an on-site industrial label printer you can create the visual communication tools you need on the fly. There is no delay (or added expense) to have a third party company create the signs or labels you need.

Whether you are looking to label a container, create a safety sign to put on a door or just about anything else, a good label printer can be used very effectively.

Floor Signs

emergency-exit-floor-signFloor signs are similar in some ways to floor tape but can convey a much more complex message in a clear way. There are hundreds of different types of floor signs to choose from, which will allow your facility to send a message to anyone who is walking or driving through a specific area in your facility.

You can use traditional signs that have pictograms and words on them to alert people to a particular hazard or convey other information. For example, you can have a large floor sign that says “EMERGENCY EXIT” on it with an arrow pointing toward the nearest exit. This is a simple, but effective, way to keep people safer in the event of an emergency.

Another example of effective floor signs is one that is a simple shape, which can be immediately recognized. Using footprint shaped floor signs is a great example of this. Having a path through your facility using footprint floor signs will let everyone know that they can follow this path to get to a specific destination.

Of course, you will need to make sure everyone knows where the path is leading in order to have this be an effective form of visual communication in your facility. Whether this is done through employee training or having another sign that alerts people to where the path will take them is entirely up to the individual facility.

Focusing on Visual Communication

Whether you use floor marking tape, industrial label printers, floor marking signs or another resource entirely, focusing on visual communications in your facility is very important. When planned and implemented properly you can improve your facility in many critical ways.

Take some time to think about how these simple visual communications tips can help and how you can come up with other great ways to improve your facility. With small and affordable changes in this area you can help improve the overall operation of your facility.

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