TJ McCue wrote an article in Forbes today titled “Why This Little Two Year Old Girl Loves 3D Printed Magic Arms,” in which he reports about a little two year-old baby girl named Emma who can now use her arms via an exoskeleton that was made by a 3D printer.  The little girl was born with a birth defect called arthrogryposis which makes her arms very weak and almost impossible for her to move without help – prompting a team of orthopedic and pediatric researchers to develop a complex, yet very lightweight structure out of 3d printed plastic joints that assist the little girl in raising and moving her arms.

I am constantly amazed by 3D printing, and think it certainly is a modern technology that will take us to new heights in manufacturing and creating amazing new things to further society.  After watching several videos on youtube that show what these printers can do (with plastic and also stainless steel), I am convinced the crazy things I used to think were possible only in the realms of science fiction are now becoming more and more a commonplace.  I know that the girl’s mom and dad must be thankful for this kind of technology.

To read the full Forbes article by TJ McCue, click here =>

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