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Quote Taken From “Thriving in an Inside-Out World « Kaizen Training”
“I’m just back from three days with the fabulous Michael Neill (www.geniuscatalyst. com) in London on a workshop called “Coaching from the Inside Out”. I found it …  (more at:www.kaizen-training.com/thriving-in-an-inside-out-world)”

How Toyota uses kaizen for efficiency

Toyota benchmarks itself on efficiency. It trains recruits in ‘muscle memory’, so that their hands work with unfailing precision. For instance, a new recruit graduates to the next level of training only after he masters the art of picking up exactly

Creative Safety Supply, Leaders in Visual Safety, Provides … – PRWeb
Answering the need for quality, in-depth informational and training material, Creative Safety Supply has developed a rich, multi-linked compendium of …