7 Benefits of having an Industrial Label Maker

Any facility that is looking to improve organization, become more 5S and Lean compliant, eliminate waste or generally improve the way things are done will want to have an industrial label maker. While some may think it is an insignificant tool for most facilities, they can actually be used for many things that can help improve the way a facility functions.

When considering the purchase of an industrial label maker, it is important to think about what it will be used for. In addition, looking at both the direct and indirect benefits that a facility will gain from the purchase and use of this piece of equipment should be considered when deciding whether or not to purchase. The following are seven of the most important benefits that your facility can enjoy when using an industrial label maker.

1. Safety Improvement Labeling

Eliminating accidents and keeping everyone safe when working in a facility is one of the most important aspects of running a business. With an industrial label maker, you can mark different types of pipes with a variety of information. You can also label containers that contain hazardous materials, ensuring that everyone is aware of not only what is in them, but also how to properly handle them.

By properly labeling things in any facility, you will be providing visual safety cues to anyone who is in the area. Even those who don’t directly work with a particular piece of machinery can benefit from a label that notifies them that a particular pipe contains a toxic gas. There are, of course, many other items in a facility that can present a safety issue, and labeling them properly can help to keep everyone safer.

2. 5S Labeling

Any facility that is working to employ the 5S strategies and methodologies can benefit greatly from an industrial label maker. You can quickly and easily create durable labels that can help with the sorting and organizing of any number of things. This can help to eliminate wasted time, and wasted inventory, which are to important goals in 5S.

Depending on how you are implementing 5S in your facility, there are very likely some standards on how to label different types of equipment and other things. Being able to create custom labels that will not only be easy to read, but can also last for years will make all 5S changes much easier to implement.

3. Warehouse Management Labeling

Many warehouses today use modern tracking and organizing systems that are powered by computers and software. This is a great way to ensure things are done more efficiently, and there is less loss due to mistakes or errors. The fact is, however, that unless humans have been entirely eliminated from the warehouse, it is still a good idea to have things like racks, aisles, and other storage systems clearly labeled.

There are many times in even the most advanced warehouses that someone has to go find a particular part or product. Creating an easy to understand labeling system will allow this to go much more quickly, and help to eliminate the possibility of having the wrong item pulled.

4. Maintenance Labeling

No facility can operate properly without a good maintenance staff. Individuals who are responsible for keeping all the machinery in working order will undoubtedly attest to the fact that they have dozens of different tools, parts and other things that they need to use on a regular basis. By labeling these items with an industrial label maker it will make it much easier to find them when they are needed.

Another benefit is that the tools and equipment that are needed by the maintenance team can be specifically labeled as belonging to that department. This will prevent individuals from other areas from ‘borrowing’ the items and then not returning them.

5. Identification Labeling

Similar to the above mentioned benefit, identifying different things in any facility is essential for planning, scheduling and operating any department. Assigning a name or number to resources such as forklifts, machines, tools or other items can help ensure everyone knows what things should be where. If a department is going to need a forklift to accept a delivery at 4PM, for example, they can reserve it based on the name or number of the specific forklift they will need. This will help to avoid any miscommunications with other departments who may also need a forklift. Of course, this concept can apply to any resource in the facility.

This benefit will not only help improve the way a facility operates, but can also help improve the way people work together within the facility. It can help to eliminate disagreements in the scheduling and use of equipment. It will also help to keep track of what types of maintenance and upkeep needs to be performed on each individual piece of equipment. Rather than just having several similar units, they are each tracked and maintained individually, which will allow them to last longer and work better.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Signs

Most facilities have operations that occur both inside and out, and traveling between can be difficult. Even if it is something as simple as loading and unloading trucks, it is important to ensure everyone is aware of what types of things are going where. Industrial label makers can easily print off custom signs or labels that can stand up to rain, snow, ice, wind and more to help ensure everyone is kept aware of what is going on.

These long lasting signs can be placed just about anywhere to convey the necessary information. This is a great way, for example, to ensure people driving hi-lows and trucks stay in the proper areas. These signs can be made using reflective or other highly visible material to ensure everyone can see what they are supposed to be doing, and where they should be going.

7. Floor Labeling

Facilities typically have dozens of different machines that have many different moving parts. In order to keep everyone safe, it is essential to be able to quickly identify which areas a machine might be moving in, so extra precautions can be taken. Printing off labels is a great way to ensure everyone can easily see where moving parts will be going. This can also be used in areas where potentially hazardous conditions can occur, such as near an exhaust or steam vent.

The labels can also be used to indicate where particular items should be placed. Using the industrial label maker to section off staging areas from finished goods areas can help improve organization, and keep all the products sorted properly. There are many other things that floor markings can be used for, but whatever it is, the markings have to be durable and easy to see. This is why the strong industrial labels are so important.

Anyone who works in a facility can easily come up with many different uses for an Industrial Label Maker. In fact, the LabelTac industrial label maker has a lifetime warranty. This workhorse can take anything you throw at it and it won’t take long to start saving money, since you will be able to print off all your own custom signs and other things, which would otherwise have to be custom ordered.

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