This is kind of funny, but I’m sure the airplane passengers wouldn’t agree.

Apparently, as reported in Reuters, an Air France flight had to be re-routed, due to unrest in their intended landing destination Beirut, Lebanon, and had to make an emergency landing in Syria due to lack of fuel. Since French credit cards apparently are not accepted in Syria, the crew of the airliner began asking the passengers to open their wallets and toss some gas money into the pot.  Imagine the fear those folks must have felt landing in a hostile country, and THEN the airline they had purchased tickets from – asking them to help pay for more gas!

Luckily, Air France corporate must have somehow worked something out with the Syrian authorities, and they received enough gas to fly on their way.  The negative PR fallout could have been terrible.  Something like, “I paid an arm and a leg for my Air France plane ticket, and they STILL shook out my pockets for change to pay for the gas!”

Read the article, “Air France asks passengers for refuel cash at Damascus stop”here =>

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