Aisle Marking Tapes – Guidelines and Its Importance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA definitely is the authority when it comes to the rules and regulations that must be applied in the industrial settings. They care about even the smallest detail that may have an effect to the safety of workers in the entire United States. This is due to the fact that their goal is to protect and preserve the welfare of the employees. So, regardless of the setting such as warehouses and factories, safety and order depends upon on how aisle marking tapes are placed within the premises.

Aisle Marking Tapes- OSHA Recommendations

Basically, one of the primary laws of OSHA regarding aisles is that these should be marked appropriately. It actually does not matter if it is done with broken or straight lines and even dots so long as the aisle clearly defined. Hence, the marking tape for aisles can be laid aid or cut out accordingly.

Another recommendation of OSHA is that the aisles should come meet the measurement requirements. Essentially, the aisles should have a width depending on their purpose but in general, aisles should be at least 4 ft in width or at least 3ft wider compared to the biggest equipment that passes through it. The rest of the guidelines regarding measurements are determined by OSHA.

Aisle Marking Tape- Its Functions

The main purpose of aisle marking tapes on industrial settings is to provide order. Basically, aisles and passageways are delineated in accordance to the OSHA guidelines. The agency directs all the accurate specifications of these aisles according to what things are passing through these. But no matter what, the essential thing is that the aisles are appropriately marked and highly visible. With this, it is highly important to bear in mind the things that should be remembered when marking aisles;

  • Aisle markings will be run over or stepped by people machineries so selecting high quality and durable marking tapes is a must
  • Aisle markings may need to shifted or erased in order to meet up with the changing needs and lay outs
  • Strong grade aisle marking tapes are resistant to tearing or being stretched
  • These should have the recommended thinness to avoid interference with equipments and devices
  • As much as possible, opt for marking tapes with reflective and glossy surface to improve its visibility in dim areas

Another function of aisle marking tapes is to improve safety most particularly when dangerous devices and equipments as well as hazardous substances can be found on the floor. Just imagine how heavy machineries such as forklifts may cause mishap by running into unwary employees.

By putting signs or marks all throughout the area, the workers and the general public will be protected and can remain vigilant of what may possibly cause accidents. With this, the use of aisle marking tapes can be a brilliant solution to prevent accidents from happening by placing proper signage and warning signs. This is even more intensified with the implementation of the color coding scheme that gives meaning with each tape color facilitating easy understanding of messages.


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