Anti slip tape as a measure of safety

By using anti slip tape at various locations, you can prevent accidents. Anti slip tapes are used as a measure of safety in public and private buildings. Businesses should be wise enough to invest in the little things that will yield a great savings. By investing on anti slip tapes you will be able to prevent expensive accidents. Thus, the company’s expenses for attending to the employee’s injuries will be brought down by taking proper precautionary safety measures. By investing just a little money towards anti slip materials, a company can save a lot of money that might be required to spend towards investigations and compensations. You can minimize the risks to great extent by using anti slip materials.


Anti slip tapes are used in various kinds of industries. They are used in automotive, construction, medical and sporting goods manufacturing industries. By using anti slip materials, you will not only be benefited through the extended safety but also through the long life that you will get. The durability of this product will help reduce the overall expenses and any organization will be able to work on profit generation.


By using anti slip tape, you can increase the bonding and cushioning effect. This aids in helping to secure two or more items together. In addition, you will also be able to protect items from various environmental conditions. Anti slip tapes can be affixed on various safety instruments, even on dangerous parts. The advantage with these tapes is that you can quickly identify any locations that are affixed with anti slip tapes. There are some special adhesive tapes which will glow as well. You can conveniently use them in low light conditions since they will produce a glowing ambience. You can also use them on automobiles as well so that accidents can be prevented on the road.

Areas of concern

  • The most probable causes for the prevalence of accidents are wet floors, recently polished floors, clutter in the office, uneven surfaces, open drawers and electrical cables. By affixing anti slip tapes at various locations, you can prevent falls. Stairs and staircases should be treated with anti slip tapes as well.
  • Ladder rungs should have anti slip tapes affixed so that someone climbing the ladder will not slip. It will protect the employees and the personnel engaged in the maintenance activities.
  • It is required to use anti slip tapes at shower areas. Boutiques, spas and health clubs extensively use anti slip tapes to prevent falls at various locations.
  • Companies can save lots of money by investing in high quality anti slip tapes that can be affixed on vehicles’ running boards. High quality tapes can withstand pressure, weather elements and will continue to provide a firm grip as well. A number of people fall down while boarding company vehicles. By affixing these tapes, accidental falls can be prevented. The company will spend less towards compensation.
  • If chairs have vertical exit closures, you should affix good quality anti slip tapes to these as well. Photo luminescent anti slip material will serve the purpose in a better way.


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