Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti Slip Tape can help make areas safer in homes, businesses, workshops, and in public places. Proper safety precautions and warning signs can help to prevent many accidents, and there is no reason not to invest in them considering they are so low cost. Creative Safety Supply is the leading online supplier of a huge collection of the top selling name brands of tapes and paints for demarcating hazardous areas, anti-slip tape for use on walkways and stairwells, and warning signs, to show people where dangerous areas are to be avoided. There are also federal safety regulations for industry to reduce injury and even death, and we are pleased to offer all the best products to meet these requirements.

Anti-slip tape is an extremely tough product that can be applied in seconds onto metal stair cases or stone staircases, walkways, and floors that can become slippery when wet, or where there may be oil spills, for example. These tapes are also multi-purpose and can be applied wherever there are surfaces where people can slip and fall. Bright colors of anti-slip tape are also available, and there are even options of glow in the dark anti-slip tape on the market. Creative Safety Supply offers you these quality products at exceptional value for money, and you an choose what you need in anti-slip tape in a combination of choices for homes, workshops, offices and public places where people can slip and hurt themselves.

Industrial coarse anti-slip tape products are suitable for workshops and industry is available, and once it has been applied, it is extremely tough and long lasting. Anti-slip tape that is mop-proof is great for office buildings and apartment building stairs, and for warehouses, we recommend the glow in the dark traction anti-slip tape. This shows you a few examples of what you can buy, and each product in anti-slip tape comes in different widths and color options in rolls, or pre-cut to your specifications. You can browse all the products in anti-slip tape using the convenience of internet technology, and order what you need to be shipped to your desired location nationwide.

Creative Safety Supply offers you the widest range of industry standard compliant safety products money can buy at a fraction of the prices you will pay for them at any competitors. Our anti-slip tape can be ordered in any quantities you need, and once you have added them to your shopping cart, have a look at the other categories to find great safety equipment, signs, safety workman’s apparel and much more to make enhance safe working conditions. Order anti-slip tape for use in hospitals, workshops, colleges, schools, retail stores, and wherever you desire. Application is simple, and you have peace of mind that you have taken a further safety precaution to prevent others from becoming injured from slipping and falling in wet areas or floor surfaces that are slick.

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