Arc Flash Accident Video

Arc flash is a problem that can cause enormous property damage and even loss of life. It is when an electric current jumps a gap between phases or a fault in the terminals.  This electrical arc contains enough juice and heat to turn everything in the vicinity to a plasma projectile, and creates a pressure wave capable of blasting a person across a room!  Knowing the potential threat arc flash poses, it is important to know arc flash protection guidelines as dictated by OSHA , NFPA 70e, and IEEE 1584. This includes tooling, PPE, and all standards for proper arc flash labels for proper category rating.

Arc flash injuries and property damage can be prevented. You need to properly equip your workers with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and training information.

The other day, I was looking online for examples of arc flash accident videos, and I came across this one (WARNING: This video is pretty graphic – it’s not fully known whether the guy in this video was okay or killed, which perfectly displays how dangerous arc flash really is):

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