Arc Flash Analysis Software Gets Upgrade in ArcAd v5.0 recently added new options to their highly-popular arc flash analysis software.  According to ArcAd, in version 5.0, the following features have been added to its already robust selection of analytical tools:

1. Circuit protection device filter was implemented in main program screen by make it easier locating the upstream protection device by manufacturer name and/or product series.
2. Fuse and circuit breaker dialogs were restructured to portray both built-in and customer specific circuit protection devices. You can now click on column headers to sort the devices by source (built-in or added), make, series, current, voltage or I.R. rating.

3. Label list was restructured to let you sorting by label size, heading type and text color by clicking on the respective column header.

4. Fuse and circuit breaker libraries were populated with more low and  medium voltage protection devices.

Once you’ve used the analytical features of the software, ArcAd then assists you with the creation of arc flash labels.  In conjunction with a good thermal label printer, your department will be ready to tackle the whole plant!

To read more, browse our selection of arc flash calculator software and safety products, or visit Arcad’s website. =>

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