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It is the legal duty of any factory’s management to make sure that it protects its employees from the dangers of arc flash. Most importantly, they need to comply with the OSHA industry standards which among other things, require that the management conducts a proper assessment of the arc flash hazards within and around the workplace. Have you heard about the arc flash analysis software? You need to consider it as you deal with the dangers of arc flash when working with high voltage equipment.

Arc flash analysis is theoretically quite straightforward. It involves collection of data from the power distribution system. You also look at the dimensions of the electrical cables; the cross-section area and length. Once management has sourced this and other relevant information, they use the arc flash analysis software to conduct the short-circuit analysis of the system. The data realized is then used to get comparisons with the standards. With resultant data, the management is able to decide on the best PPE equipment for the employees.

After using the arc flash analysis software, the resulting PPE requirement is in most cases too expensive. What can the management do to avoid paying the high costs? One way of doing this is upgrading the equipment to newer and more efficient versions. You may have noticed how easy it is for old circuit breakers to trip. This is simply because these breakers have low reaction times. The arc flash analysis software helps management to conduct sensitivity study, and the results of such a study might suggest an overhaul of the existing circuit breakers.

You might be wondering whether arc flash analysis software is that important. In the industry setting, the primary concern for the manager should be the safety of employees. Arc faults are very dangerous and can cause burns, serious health complications and in some instances, death. It is important for the management to take arc flash analysis and warn of such hazards and so as to curb the effects. Arc flash software analysis is widely used in industry for this purpose.

If you have not done an arc flash analysis in your facility, you need to also consider the legal implications. According to OSHA, it is mandatory for any organization dealing with high voltage equipment to make sure the employees are sensitized about and shielded from the risks of arc flashes. If you don’t use the arc flash analysis software and actually don’t conform to NEC and OSHA regulations, you may be faced with suits and heavy fines.

The last few decades have seen great milestones in arc analysis studies. Experts have fronted several methods of calculation that help management choose the right course of action. The arc flash analysis software is an effective tool for determining of the prevailing arc flash hazards.

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