Arc Flash Requirements : What PPE Is Needed for Each Rating?

Arc flash has the potential to completely devastate any workers or bystanders in its blast radius.

It’s important to be prepared with the correct face shields, gloves and apparel for the rating on the sticker.  Don’t forget safety glasses and hearing protection as well, because a blast can send molten metal and superheated plasma flying at high speed in the explosion.

If you think the stickers might not have the appropriate rating for the electric appliance or utility panel, it would be wise to do a short circuit survey, or call in an expert who can conduct an analysis and affix each panel with the correct arc flash label.

Here is a free guide for determining the correct PPE for arc flash rating. It will give you options as to the safety expectations for working around energized electrical appliances and equipment.

Don’t want to pay for all of those labels?  Make them yourself with an Arc Flash Labeling System (which can be used for other tasks in your plant, including pipe marking labels, safety signs, emergency exit stickers, etc.)



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