Self-Driving Cars – Are We Safe?

If you’ve been watching the news lately, or reading any car related websites, you’ve undoubtedly been hearing all about self-driving vehicles. Whether it is the new Tesla Model 3, the Google self-driving test cars (Waymo), or even self-driving semi-trucks, it is quite clear that this is a technology that is []

5 Common Office Injuries That You Can Avoid

Millions of people today work in an office environment, and believe that they are completely safe. While there is no doubt that the hazards of an office job are far fewer, and typically less severe, than those in many other industries, workplace safety should still be a priority. The following []

Asbestos Labeling Standards

Of all the hazardous materials out there today, asbestos is one of the best known. Due to its widespread use in the past, and its continued presence in many areas today, most people are well aware of what it is, and that there are dangers associated with it. Just because []

Five Common Safety Blind Spots

Improving workplace safety is a challenging task, and one that is never ending. When done properly, however, it can help to avoid accidents and even save lives. Many businesses focus on implementing safety standards, and ensuring equipment is properly maintained to avoid safety issues. While these are both very good []

15 Epic Safety Fails & How to Avoid Them

Workplace safety is extremely important and it’s something most people reading this page think about on a regular basis. Those who work in this industry often get to a point where they don’t see very many egregious safety failures because companies that employ safety managers typically have at least some []

Wrong Ways to Use Floor Tape

Using floor tape is a great way to keep your facility better organized, safer, and in compliance with many regulations. Floor tape is an easy-to-use option that is fairly quick to install and can last for years without any significant problems. Floor tape is only a good solution, however, if []