Best Practice Labeling Guidelines

In order to perform critical best practice OSHA-compliant overhauls, implementing proper benchmarking for visual safety and/or lean management systems is the ideal solution for today’s production and manufacturing sectors.

Thermal Label Printer
Thermal Label Printer for OSHA labels

Have a Game Plan

Once your team has analyzed and considered the scope of what your safety or lean program aims to achieve, it’s advisable to target areas that require proper visual labeling, and attack each with a full-fledged commitment to completion.

Do It Right

Whether it be the marking of all facility pipes for safety adherence, labeling for arc flash dangers around electric boxes and panels to prevent major loss or worker death, or printing labels for the organization of your workplace using various lean tools, like 5S or 6S, utilizing industrial thermal label printers is the first step.  Most consumer grade labeling machines are not up to the task for providing rapid, cost-effective safety labels for your organization.

It is important to be consistent.  Following regulations or guidelines from OSHA, NFPA 70e, NFPA 704, ISO 9000, MSHA, NIOSH, and other industry-specific safety and health organizations is the advisable route. When in doubt, focus on OSHA or MSHA expectations, depending on your industry.

Is Everything Safe?

After items are labeled, it is also good to follow your best management practice guidelines for other safety measure, like emergency spill response or floor marking for isolating safety and danger zones within your plant, warehouse, or workshop. Using industrial-strength floor tape is great for pavement and concrete applications, and should also follow OSHA regulations.  It is as equally effective, visually, as floor paint, but doesn’t have any of the downsides: drying time, messiness, constant repainting, etc.

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