Blue Floor Tape

Today with the increase in industrialization, the need for safety has multiplied in organizations all over the world. One of the safety measures that have become quite effective and hence more popular is the use of floor tapes. There are different types of floor tapes that are in use today and each has its own purpose to serve, but the common factor that binds all the different types of tapes are that they need to be visible and that they are meant to be safety measures against various hazards that are commonly seen on the floor of various organizational facilities and industrial work place environments. One of the types of floor tapes is the blue floor tape that is placed on floors to help people identify the presence of dangers.

The blue floor tape is used basically as a warning sign to inform passersby and people working in the environments about the presence of machinery or equipment that is faulty and is in need of repairs. The blue floor tape cordons off the area in which the equipment’s are placed, and the area is demarcated from other areas by the use of the tape. This helps the work force to understand that the equipment’s within the demarcated area should not be used. There may be many types of equipment that might function but not to its full capacity and these equipment’s too are placed within the boundary which is surrounded by the blue floor tape. Therefore, the use of the blue floor tape prevents any accidents caused by the use of faulty equipment’s which otherwise might be sued by unwarned people.

The main characteristic of the blue floor tape is that it is not used as a permanent warning sign and is basically used temporarily until the fault in the machinery is repaired. Moreover, when the machinery or equipment is placed within the area of the blue floor tape, there is a sense of urgency implied, and the mechanics take note of it and begin to repair the machinery as early as possible. Though blue is known for its more subdued significance, it is just the opposite in the case of the blue floor tape as it denotes urgency.

There are many different types of blue floor tape available in the market, but in keeping with the short term need of the tape, it is best if you opted for blue floor tape made out of vinyl. This is more affordable, and since the need is temporary, the vinyl blue floor tape is more suitable. One main factor to keep in mind when buying these tapes is that they need to be highly visible so to make the visibility more prominent it is better that you opt for the brightly colored blue tapes that are sure to catch the attention of the people working in the organization. The color codes of the tapes have been specified by Occupational Safety and Health Administration and hence as per their instructions, the blue floor tape must be used as a safety warning tape to identify faulty equipment. Since these are standardized color codes that are internally accepted, the use of the blue floor tape should be understood by all.

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