Brother Label Maker Tape Review

My company sells label makers.  Granted, they aren’t like the consumer level ones, like the Brother P-Touch brand.

WE sell industrial label makers meant for commercial operations, and the label tape we provide with our high-grade printers is of the highest quality.  It is meant for offices, factories, warehouse, and other professional facilities.

The other day, I was in an office supply store–let’s say Staples– and I was checking out the refill tape that Brother and Dymo both sell, and I couldn’t believe how flimsy it was.  I was planning on buying one of these small labeling machines in order to make tiny labels for our office files and other things.  I couldn’t even get the backing paper off because I don’t have any fingernails.

I ended up using our LabelTac 4 to make our office labels, because I remembered that it can print on tape that is 1/2″ (or 12mm in Brother tape widths).  We normally use it on widths like 3 and 4 inches.

At least I know that these labels will hold up a long time.

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