Brother Label Printer Reviews : P-Touch (PT-9600)

Brother PT9600 Label Printer

Whether you like to make small labels for your home or need industrial-strength labels for your office or facility, the Brother PT-9600 from Brother is going to work out to most extents for you.

My newest label printer review pits this model up against the likes of the more professional-quality LabelTac and Brady brands, and it comes out in less-than-stellar shape — considering the other two brands are clearly in a higher class.  Granted, to be fair, this Brother runs about $350-499, a LabelTac 4 labeling system is $799.00, and a comparable Brady is about $899.00, so these are going to give you REPEATABLE results.

I got this Ptouch model brand-new on loan from a friend, and he hadn’t even unboxed it yet, so I think it’s safe to say that I’m reviewing a new product.


Although it sports an LCD that harkens back to a 90s bygone era, its output stickers at least look modern. Where I had a major problem was in the delay from creating the text, hitting the ‘Print’ button, and waiting for everything to come out.  And, the first few times, it didn’t even come out.  But, after some coaxing (and changing the font size to fit – because it doesn’t necessarily mesh with its own templates), I got it to print.

The speed of printing was my  next concern.  It took at least 15 seconds for my label to come out, and it didn’t really print as shown on the LCD.

My biggest concern, though, was the P-touch tape.  It is supposed to be good in cold and hot environments and resist the elements, but my irritation resided in the fact that, no matter, WHAT I stuck the tape to, it would start peeling or bubbling up in a few minutes.  I’m talking about stuff I knew was clean, dry, and even free of dust.  I work in tape – I definitely know how to prep a surface.

Clearly, a labeling machine is only as good as its tape supplies, and I was not impressed (even after using two different packages of the Brother tape supplies).  In comparison, our own LabelTac supplies are guaranteed to do what we say they will do, and we offer free samples to see for yourself.

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