Cat 5 Cable Labels

Labels are an essential component of any well-organized work environment. One of the uses for labels within the industrial workplace involves the labeling of cat 5 cables. As we all know, cat 5 cables are effective tools which help to carry signals for various equipment such as computer networks, phones, printers, videos, etc. However, one of the drawbacks of using such cables is that often times many different cables need to be utilized to effectively connect all pieces of equipment. Because multiple cables are often used at once, the need for label identification is critical. An employee can literally spend hours trying to map his or her way through unidentified cables just to connect one piece of equipment. This in turn costs the company valuable production time since that employee is being kept busy doing otherwise redundant tasks. Don’t let this situation happen in your business. Instead, implement the use of cat 5 cable labels. Cat 5 cable labels can turn even the most inconspicuous cable situation into a well-identified, easy to understand cable system.

Printing Cat 5 Labels

Printing cat 5 labels does not have to be difficult; in fact there are a few printers out on the market that allow for cat 5 label printing to be conducted easily and conveniently right in-house. The LabelTac 4 and LabelTac 4 PRO printers are great options to consider when choosing a label printer capable of printing cat 5 cable labels.  These printers utilize thermal printing technology to ensure a durable label featuring high quality clean and crisp lines.

Choosing Cat 5 Labels

There are many different types of labels out on the market that promise to retain readability, utilize fade resistant materials, and even repel damage due to water exposure. However, not all labels are suitable for cat 5 cables. If you are looking for a label specifically designed to label cables appropriately, printable wire wraps may be the best option for you. Unlike the basic run of the mill labels, printable wire wraps actually self-laminate the printed label. This is done by simply wrapping the clear tail end of the label around the printed area of the label. Not only are these very easy to print and apply to cables, but these labels also ensure protection of the label print since it is covered by a clear coating. Another added bonus is that these labels are available in a variety of different colors which makes color coding cables and wires much easier. Colors available include red, green, blue, orange, and white. Furthermore, these printable wire wraps are completely compatible with both the LabelTac 4 and LabelTac 4 Pro printers.

Just like a well-oiled machine tends to run better, well- labeled cables tend to be identified quicker. Don’t risk the ambiguity of unlabeled cables within your business; instead utilize the help of printable wire wraps to provide clear and concise labeling options to fit your business needs.

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