The 5th S | Sustaining Your Improvements

When learning the 5S methodology, the vast majority of the time spent will be on the first four S’s. The last S, which stands for Shitsuke, or Sustain, however, is almost certainly going to be the most important one. Without this S, all the others would quickly fall out of []

5S Program – Sort

When learning about the 5S program most people can quickly see how it can be helpful and improve efficiency in the facility. The whole strategy is quite easy when looking at it at a high level. If you’re not careful, however, it can get confusing with the actual implementation. This []

The Difference Between 5S and Kaizen

When looking to help a facility run more efficiently you will find that there are many ideas and methodologies out there that are able to help. Two of the most popular (and most effective, when done properly) are 5S and Kaizen. Both of these concepts are quite similar, but there []

5 Tips to Improve the Elimination of Waste

Elimination of Waste Whether you are implementing a specific program like Lean or 5S to help improve efficiency or you are just looking for a way to eliminate waste in your facility, it is a good idea to look at what has worked for other companies in the past.  Fortunately, []

Measuring 5S Performance – 5 Essential Tips

Improve Efficiency and Eliminate Facilities know that using 5S strategies is supposed to improve efficiency and eliminate waste throughout the facility. This, of course, is a very attractive goal that every company will want to take advantage of. Unfortunately, many companies and departments don’t properly measure 5S performance, so they []

6S or 5S – The Great Debate

6S or 5S – Which Side of the Fence are You On 6S is seen by many as the ‘next step’ in the evolution of workplace waste elimination and efficiency improvement. As with any type of change, however, there are also some people who are resistant to the idea. Those []

Eliminating Waste using these 5 Steps

Eliminating Waste in the Workplace Waste is a productivity killer. Physical waste gets in the way of your workers and takes up space that could be allocated toward other production activities. And that’s just physical. Waste also comes in a number of different forms that might be outside of the []

5s Sustain Work Instruction Examples

How To Sustain 5S Examples and Steps When conducting a 5S project, no one ever seems to really have much trouble with the first three. Sorting, setting in order, and shining are relatively straightforward and most 5S guides give aspiring Lean managers a simple step-by-step set of instructions for completing each. []

5S Back to the Basics

The Time is Now… Take 5S Back to the Basics Many companies that have been working on improving efficiency and effectiveness with the 5S techniques find that over time, the standards which they once followed begin to loosen. Facilities find that while in the beginning it was easy to identify []