3 Tips to Improve Visual Communication

Improve Safety and Efficiency with Visual Communication When looking for ways to improve the organization, safety and efficiency of a facility, few things can be as effective as visual communication. Visual communication strategies are almost always very inexpensive (or even free) and can provide immediate improvements that are measurable and long []

Visual Safety in Santa’s Workshop

Safety with Santa Visual safety efforts have been a major part of many workplaces for a very long time. Even before the term ‘visual safety’ was used, companies would do things like put up signs or even simpler things within the workplace. What most people don’t realize, however, is that []

5 Visual Factory Tips

Visual Tools for a Visual Factory The concept of a visual workplace is quite simple, but actually putting it into practice can be surprisingly difficult and complex in some cases. Using visual tools and strategies can help your facility operate more efficiently and also more safely, so it is definitely []

How a Visual Workplace Enhances Safety

How You Can Enhance a Visual Workplace for Safety One of the most effective ways to quickly improve the overall safety of your facility is to create a more visual environment. A visual workplace enhances safety in many ways, and can help to reduce or eliminate some of the most []

Visual Control Boards

Visual Control Boards If you are looking for a great way to improve the organization of your facility, you will want to look into using visual control boards. These boards can provide any facility with a single location where everyone goes to gather key pieces of information. No matter what []