Choose the BEST Pavement Marking Tape, Don’t Take the Cheap Route For Your Floor

Whether you are laying out your warehouse or plant floor for a 5S or 6S program, or lining it for safety aisles, it is important to buy the best, toughest highest-quality pavement marking tape on the market.


Because you don’t want your workers to have to continually replace their floor tape lines every couple of years (or less), resulting in a huge loss of man-hours, tape costs, and down-time.

Skimping on tape products is like buying a shack instead of a regular house.  The shack may look kind of like a house, but the floor is dirt, it is cold and drafty, and the roof leaks.

Poor quality tape will not hold up to the traffic your warehouse or factory sees on a daily basis (from forklifts, pallet jacks, and equipment), it has poor adhesive which will not stay stuck to the pavement or concrete floors, and your workers will need to remove and replace it all the time.  In the end, you will have spent twice as much or more trying to maintain it – whereas good tape lasts and lasts, and only needs to be applied once.

This really is the truth, we’ve seen it so many times from customers, and they always end up buying the good stuff after finding out the hard way. Do it right the first time, using GOOD floor marking tape.

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