Continual Improvement and Lean Begins At Home

On the Lean Journey blog, author Tim McMahon talks about how he found a great video by woodworker and continual improvement maven, Paul Akers’s most recent addition to helping us to increase our efficiency and decrease our downtime with his newest video, in which he organizes a ‘junk drawer,” and shows how easy adding some tool foam and dividing the tools inside into their own compartments really helps to cut down on looking for the right tool for whatever job one might need to perform.

He gets really meticulous in his organization of the drawer, and I got a kick out of how he even organizes the pens in the drawer.  I sell customizable tool foam, and can’t say I would necessarily go to those lengths with my own desk drawers.

I agree with Paul – we all need to come up with innovative ways to organize our lives, and, once done, it becomes a lot less of a burden to maintain it than the alternative of disorganized mess.

Read Tim’s “Lean Journey” post here =>

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