Controlling Safety through FOD Products

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in manufacturing can cost an organization millions annually. FOD refers to any object that should not be within a particular production area for it can result into injuries to personnel or carry out massive damage to machines. The most prone area when it comes to FOD products is the aviation industry where lack of proper FOD control measures has resulted to loss of lives and hefty damages to the airplanes. FOD includes several materials such as loose hardware, rocks, sand, wildlife and other fragments. They can be found in any place including the parking, near certain machines, in the laboratories and in the workshops amongst others. To control damages it is crucial to undertake several prevention measures including placing FOD products in strategic places.

Training all the relevant persons

FOD can occur due to a number of reasons, either due to negligence of the staff or dropped by visitors. The first crucial step to undertake is to train the staff on the negative impact of FOD to their safety and that of the clients. A tabulation of the huge losses incurred as a result of FOD can be helpful. In the same breath it is important to train the same to the potential clients and visitors urging them to take caution and not to bring debris into the compound. It is also important to train the personnel on how to identify and eradicate FOD. Workers should be provided with a detailed manual with procedures of how to identify and prevent FOD.

Carrying out check up

The employer, with the aid of external inspectors should undertake impromptu and scheduled inspections. The various sections of the facility that are prone to FOD are identified and the taken measures assessed for appropriateness. If it is a busy organization it is crucial to ensure that these inspections are carried frequently and the high hazard areas identified. It is also important to create a department whose sole responsibility is to assess compliance and propose changes to be carried out.

Constant maintenance

There are a number of ways through which FOD can be reduced or fully eliminated. Sweeping can be a major way of achieving this. This can be carried out manually or through the use of a sweeper. Sweepers have been identified as the most appropriate when it comes to removal of debris in sensitive areas as they are effective in the removal of FOD even in cracks and in joints. Areas that are prone to debris should be constantly swept and inspections carried to ascertain they are debris free. To prevent debris being brought into the site by vehicles it is crucial to erect rumble strips that will dislodge any stubborn debris on the vehicle. The rumble strips should be placed at the entrance point of places that are very prone to debris. The use of FOD products can be too an effective way of controlling debris. FOD products include any containers placed at strategic points within the facility for debris collection. It is crucial that these containers be constantly emptied lest they too became sources of debris.


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