Creative Safety Supply Named as Approved Vendor for Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions

Ammonia Operator TrainingWe are excited to announce that we have recently been named the latest approved vendor for Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions (ARTS). ARTS is an organization that provides the best training and services for all types of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. When used properly, ammonia refrigeration systems are the most efficient and safest form of refrigeration available today, which is one of the many reasons it is so popular on the industrial level.

About ARTS

Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions was established in 2021 to help to promote the use, and proper maintenance, of various types of ammonia-based refrigeration systems. These systems, classified as R-717 systems, offer extremely reliable performance and can keep large areas at desired temperatures more efficiently than other solutions.

Many people without direct experience with ammonia-based refrigeration have significant misconceptions about this type of refrigeration, and even believe that it can be dangerous to the environment. The reality is that while ammonia can be a dangerous chemical, the refrigeration systems that use it are made to ensure it remains properly contained so that it can be safely used for years to come. This is just one reason why the ARTS motto of, “Keep It In The Pipes” is so fitting.

Helping to Ensure the Safe Use of Ammonia Refrigeration

In addition to promoting the use of ammonia-based refrigeration systems, ARTS helps people from throughout many industries to ensure that these systems are used safely. Creative Safety Supply is so excited to be named as an approved vendor for this organization. Creative Safety Supply’s entire mission revolves around helping companies to operate more safely by providing them with affordable access to key safety signage, pipe markings, LabelTac label printers, and much more. 

For years we have been offering a variety of different safety supplies, including pipe markings, that are specifically designed for use with ammonia refrigeration systems. Providing industries, repair professionals, inspectors, and others with the products and tools that are needed to properly install, use, and maintain ammonia-based refrigeration systems is something we are passionate about.

Perfect Synergy 

Being named as an authorized vendor for an organization that shares our commitment to industrial safety not only makes sense but is also an honor for us. As ARTS works with its clients, it will now have a trusted supplier to recommend for all its safety and labeling needs. As we here at Creative Safety Supply work with our customers to provide their needed supplies, we now have a company to recommend for training and other solutions related to ammonia-based refrigeration systems. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with the amazing team at ARTS for years to come.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to take some time to visit the Ammonia Refrigeration Training Solutions website and read about the great work that they are doing.

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