Creative Safety Supply Now Offers Thermal Imaging Products From FLIR

Flir Thermal ImagingEvery industry has obvious hazards. Floor marking tape that’s started to peel away can prevent a tripping hazard. Decayed electrical wiring could potentially shock someone. Combustible chemicals stored too close to a heater might ignite. For these sorts of issues, you don’t need specialized technology to figure out the problem; you just need functioning eyeballs. 

Far more concerning, however, are the hazards you can’t see. To avoid these problems, you need tools that succeed where our eyes let us down. You need thermal imaging products from FLIR.

In our ongoing efforts to promote improved safety and efficiency throughout all industries, we recently teamed with FLIR, the world’s leader in thermal imaging technology, to offer a selection of its products through our website. This includes the lightweight, exceedingly portable C3 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera, the FLIR One Pro Infrared attachment that can turn any smartphone into a thermal imaging camera, and the undeniably cool Aerial Utility Kit, a remote-controlled quadcopter drone equipped with a thermal camera which feeds live video to an included iPad Mini.

Ideal for hunting down hotspots anywhere in your facility, these devices take the guesswork out of your safety efforts. They can save you time, money, and most importantly, they will help ensure that unexpected accidents aren’t putting your people in danger.

For more information, and to browse our selection of FLIR products, please visit our FLIR page. To speak with a sales representative, please call us at (866) 777-1360.

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