When I say we need to explore Mars, you might think I mean so we can find some way to escape our quickly overpopulating planet and try our luck on a new, much redder frontier.

Photo courtesy of AP and NASA

Well, no, that’s not exactly why I think we should look to the stars – or, at least, our planetary neighbor.

I believe that America, specifically, needs something like this Mars ‘Curiosity’ expedition in order to give us some renewed faith in academics, innovation, and industry.

We’ve been kind of sulking in a corner lately, as a nation.  In education, we are ranked somewhere around the 27th place among other developed, industrialized countries, and we currently have a soaring unemployment rate.

Seems to me, something like a NASA space exploration project can demonstrate to us (and to the rest of the world) that we are still relevant.  We’re still a country known for ingenuity, a competitive spirit, and some sense of “aiming high.”

I’m looking forward to the photos and videos that we’ve been promised by NASA, and hope they get a bit better than the black and white Ansel Adams-inspired shots we’ve seen so far from this multi-billion dollar robotic land cruiser.

Want to read more about the NASA Curiosity project?  Check out the the article “Curiosity rover sends back first 360-degree color photos of Mars here =>


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