Custom Safety Labeling for Manufacturing

Save Money with Custom Safety Labeling

custom-safety-labelingWhen working in a manufacturing environment one of the most important things for safety is being able to convey information quickly and accurately to employees in the area. Whether this is letting people know where safety equipment is, informing them of what is in a container, alerting them to a specific hazard or any number of other things, custom safety labeling is a great way to convey this information.

Not only do these custom safety labels make it easy to convey information, they can also meet a variety of other requirements within the facility. For example, governmental agencies such as OSHA have a variety of requirements when it comes to safety labeling; so while working to improve safety in your facility, you will also be working to remain in compliance with necessary regulations.

Where to Use Custom Safety Labeling

custom-labelingThere are many places in a manufacturing facility that using safety labeling is quite obvious. Labeling containers so people can easily see what is in them is not only a good idea, it is often a requirement. Beyond the obvious, however, there are many additional ways that custom safety labeling can be used to improve the overall safety of your facility.

The following are a few key areas where you can use this type of labeling to quickly and affordably improve your facilities safety:

  • PPE Requirements – Having labels on the walls or other areas where personal protection equipment is required can give a helpful reminder to the employees. If they aren’t wearing their PPE, they should exit the area until it can be put on.
  • Simple Signs – You can use custom labels to create signs that can be placed throughout the facility. Anything from a ‘stop’ sign at the end of an aisle to a warning sign of a ledge or other hazard.
  • Tool Labeling – Over time the safety labels that come on most tools (especially power tools) can be damaged or otherwise wear off. With custom safety labeling you can create new ones to ensure the safety instructions are clearly displayed on all tools.
  • Temporary Notifications – Creating a temporary label to alert people of potential dangers is quick and easy when you have a label printer available.

There are obviously many other areas throughout just about any manufacturing facility that can benefit from custom safety labeling. Taking some time to look through your facility and identify where safety improvements can be made can be an easy and affordable option for all companies.

Why Choose Custom Safety Labeling

visual-communicationThere are many options available to facility owners when it comes to improving safety and visual communication. While safety labeling may not be the ideal option in every situation, it is a very flexible tool that can have a lot of important uses.

One major advantage that using labels over things like permanent signs is price. Custom labels can be created for just a few cents each in many cases, and when you have an industrial label printer on site it can be done immediately. Compared to ordering custom safety signs, you can save a significant amount on each label.

Another thing to consider is that labels can be applied to almost any surface. Whether it is flat or curved, hot or cold, wet or dry, there are high quality label options that can be used effectively. This is not always true when you consider other options like signs or paint.

Labels are a proven standard used throughout many industries including manufacturing. There are many colors, sizes, materials and other things that can make your custom safety labels extremely effective in almost any environment. The fact that they have been in use around the world for quite some time proves that they can help improve your safety and visual communication better than any other option, in most cases.

Finally, high quality labels are designed to last for a very long time. They can stand up to outdoor elements, indoor heat and moisture as well as cleaning and other general wear and tear. You won’t find any other materials that can last as long in almost any environment. Even materials like metal signs that may seem more durable are actually susceptible to things like dents and rust that don’t impact safety labels.

Options for Acquiring Custom Safety Labeling

While it is clear that there are many places where custom safety labeling can be helpful in your facility, it is also important to know how you can get the labels you need. There are two main options for getting the custom labels that you need for your facility and weighing the pros and cons of each can be very important.

The first option is to order your custom safety labels through a third party print shop. There are many options available to choose from including national services and local printing companies. Print shops can create high quality labels according to your exact specifications and send them directly to your facility.

The other option available is to create your own custom safety labeling using an industrial label printer. This is a fast and easy way to create your labels on site so that you can have them whenever you need them.

Review the following table to see which of these two options might be best for your facility:

Situation3rd Party PrinterIndustrial Label PrinterAdvantage
Speed of Getting Labels3rd party printers will take days or weeks to get your order, print it and have it deliveredAn onsite industrial label printer allows you to create safety labels as needed with virtually no delayIndustrial Label Printer
Initial CostUsing a 3rd party printer is fairly affordable for each individual job.Purchasing an industrial label printer is an investment.3rd Party Printer
Long Term CostThe costs of a 3rd party printer will be the same (per label) for each order you make.Other than the initial investment, it costs a fraction of the amount that a 3rd party would charge.Industrial Label Printer
Label Design ConvenienceMust work with the print company to design the labels or else send them the completed design before job can begin.You can create your labels as needed and make adjustments on the fly.Industrial Label Printer
Label Material OptionsPrint shops often only have standard label mediums available. Specialty labels may need to be special orderedYou can keep a supply of any type of label that you need on site at all timesIndustrial Label Printer

As you can see, in almost every way, having an industrial label printer is going to provide you with a much easier and more convenient way of getting the custom safety labeling you need for your manufacturing facility.

Start Improving Safety Today

While there is no doubt that it will take work to plan and implement a custom safety labeling strategy for your facility, it is best to start as quickly as possible. In most manufacturing facilities there are obvious areas that could benefit from proper labeling, which makes them a great place to begin.

As you progress through these first stages you can continue to plan out the overall strategy that you can implement over time.

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