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If you can’t find the sign you’re looking for, a good option may be to order or create custom signs! The benefits of custom signs far outweigh those related to generic signs. The main benefits include using the colors, font, and specific message you want. Whether it is a specific safety message conveyed in text form or communicated in a pictograph, the beauty of using custom signs is that they allow for complete customization. There are two different ways to attain custom signage, you can either order them or create and print them yourself. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both options below.

Custom Safety Sign Example

Ordering Custom Signs

When a custom sign is needed, the first thought that often comes to mind is to go online and order one. However, this can be a very costly and lengthy endeavor. First, you must go online and find a company that creates custom signage, then you need to locate the pricing table and if you are looking for a deal you will need to compare the pricing to other websites offering the same service. However, once you have decided to go with a specific company, then you must start designing the signage needed and place the order. What’s next you ask… wait, wait, and wait some more, custom signage often takes a while to receive. Some positives associated with ordering custom signage is that it may convenient. You just design the signs needed, place the order, and receive the order. However, the pricing associated with ordering custom signs can be pretty expensive, and the time between placing the order and actually receiving the order may take weeks.

Create and Print your Own Custom Signs

This option is increasing in popularity as people see how easy and instant it is to print custom signs in house. Some of the benefits of creating and printing your own signage are that you can create and print custom signs whenever you want. This option allows for more ownership of your custom signage since you are essentially eliminating the “middlemen” in the process. Furthermore, in the long run this option is more cost effective, and also saves time by not having to locate custom sign making companies. However, there are some drawbacks. The initial start-up cost is more when printing your own signs because you must buy the sign printing equipment and materials. Nonetheless, many people say that the convenience of printing your own signs far outweighs the start up costs.

The Best Fit

The final decision on how you attain your custom signage is up to you. Do some research and take some time to weigh the positives and negatives involved with each option. Different options are just naturally more beneficial to differing businesses. For instance, if you rarely need custom signs and don’t use many signs in general, it may be better to simply order the signs you need online. However, if your business utilizes many custom signs and generic signs as well (all of which can be printed on a sign printer) then it may be smarter to invest in sign printing equipment. Just choose the option that best fits your needs.

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