Customer Service: It Can Make or Break a Business

When you enter a place of business, who do you expect to interact with? An employee or one of the actual business leaders? For most of us, we expect to work with a trained employee who is essentially a representative of the company. It would be somewhat odd to walk up to the check-out lane at a large commercialized grocery store and have the actual business owner bagging up our groceries. We just don’t expect that from leaders within top positions and neither do employees. However, we do expect to have a positive experience while conducting business within an organization. Whether cashing a check at a bank, exercising at a local gym, or doing some grocery shopping we are always on the lookout for good customer service whether we are aware of it or not. Let’s face it, if an experience is bad we will remember it and probably not want to return, if the experience is mediocre we will forget about the experience and may or may not go back, and if an experience is good we will tell others and be sure to return again. Business professionals should strive to provide a good customer service experience each and every time in order to maintain the current customer base and to help gain new customers as well.

Who is in Charge of Customer Service?

Are the leaders responsible for providing good customer service or does that task fall upon the employees? The answer is both. As a business continues to grow the hierarchy of leaders continues to grow as well, it is important to not lose sight of what made the business grow in the first place – the customers. In order to keep moving forward, businesses need to recognize the need for good quality customer service within every interaction. A great place to start is with the leaders. The leaders of a company rarely work with the customer base but often work with the employees in the company, this where it is essential for leaders to help build good customer service qualities into employees so they can be reflected into the treatment of customers. If employees are treated fairly and respectfully by company leaders, that mindset will quickly travel through the employee and be passed on to the customers. A business that really values its employees and prides itself on consistency, quality, and good customer service will show employees that customer service truly is important and the employees will in turn honor that belief.

Good Customer Service is Key

Even though leaders are not usually involved with customers on a day-to-day basis, it is still very important for the company leader to provide a level of guidance to employees regarding customer service. Whether customer service trainings are provided by company leaders or customer service tactics are relayed in meeting settings, the message should be clear to all employees that good customer service is key. The truth is that employees who are consistently treated well by leaders will in turn be more apt to treat customers well also. It is important to never underestimate the power of good customer service as it will truly either make or break a business.

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