Different Options in Safety Line Marking Materials

Safety floor marking in any industrial facility can attract your attention since these are specifically regulated to do so. These markings are meant to promote safety and good working conditions as a part of the company’s 5s or Kaizen program that aim to improve business and the workplace by dealing with things like waste reduction, floor safety and many more. The markings can be found in various designs and colors set by a certain regulating body. For instance, there are many tape varieties from photoluminescent tape to brightly colored striped hazard tape.

The Importance of OSHA

Since they are very essential to the workplace, there has to be an agency that will set the rules of safety. In the entire America, the rules for safety are actually imposed by OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a government agency that is under the Department of Labor that is tasked to set the standards when it comes to safety floor markings.

With the aid of OSHA, a clear but not strict set of rules and guidelines can be implemented to ensure that proper placement of safety line marking is being performed by various industrial facilities such as factories and warehouses. The osha floor marking standards are just few of the many aspects of safety that this organization has to deal with.

Various Types of Floor Markings

Now that you are aware about the OSHA standards when it comes to safety floor markings it is also essential if you will learn about the different kinds of safety line marking options. Essentially, the most common types of floor markings include tapes and paints. These are available in various colors and quality giving employers and floor managers more options.

Paint is an excellent material for floor safety markings as it can adhere to almost any kinds of surfaces like glass, wood, tarmac and concrete. Also, these are more durable and long lasting making it ideal for heavy traffic facilities. Paints come in different variations as you may find marking paints that have anti-slip properties making it suitable for floor surfaces.

Moreover, you will also find paints that are photo luminescent meaning they can appear glowing in dark areas. These can be very practical to use since it can be totally helpful in guiding workers and promoting safety.

Another popular floor marking products are tapes. These are preferred by many since it can be easily placed with less hassle than paint. It can adhere to any types of surfaces like tapes and are super adhesive and guaranteed to lasts for long. These tapes can be purchased in different colors that can satisfy the requirements for the OSHA safety markings color scheme.

These are also safety marking tapes that are glow in the dark that can be considered as a great marking material as it highlights essential caution, instructions or warnings on a day to day basis and in times of emergencies. With plenty of options to the type of material to use in safety floor markings you will definitely find it a joy to shop and explore which can be best for your facility.

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