DISLIKE! Millions of Unlocked Facebook Stocks Sink Values

Yesterday, investors who bought Facebook stocks early on finally had them unlocked for open trading (a conditional IPO rule for early-bird Facebook investors), and trade they did.  Facebook stocks sank all the way down to 19.01/share as a result of this influx of extra stocks, and as investors begin to seriously doubt the viability of Facebook to generate the kind of revenue needed to even bring it back up to its original IPO price of $38 a share.

Personally, I always feel bad for people who invest hard-earned money in companies(myself included, sometimes), and when those companies they (no pun intended) hold so much stock in fail them or show so little regard for increasing their revenue–the main impetus of their stockholders.

To read Alexei Oreskovic’s article, “Facebook shares drop 4 percent, hit another low,” click here =>

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