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There is US organization that continues to raise the bar through one-of-a-kind customer service, excellent dedication to continuous improvement and boundless levels of fun… do you know who we are talking about? Disney of course! Walt Disney World has been a longstanding innovator when it comes to solid business standards. Employees are happy and satisfied, customers are elated with their visits to the Disney parks and business is booming. Some may be wondering how Disney does it, how are they so successful? Well the answer is strikingly simple, through clear objectives and a straightforward vision.

Training of New Employees

Disney offers a few different types of training. For example, any potential cast members start their Disney career in a beautifully designed argyle-patterned building. The building is whimsical and is reminiscent of the tradition upheld at Disney allowing all potential cast members to feel a magical sense of membership within an elite team. The goal is to impress applicants and make them feel as though they are not just applying for a job but experiencing the beginning of a fruitful career. In a sense, employees are empowered right from the start to work as a team for the common goal of providing guests with a magical experience.

Furthermore, Walt Disney World also offers training services at Disney University. Disney University was created after the need was expressed for employees to have access to formal training in the many different career fields Disney has to offer. Disney University is one of the largest and most extensively utilized corporate training facilities in the world serving upwards of 42,000 cast members.

Customer Surveys

Disney is constantly seeking new information and opinions from its wide array of guests. Information taken includes: where a guest is from, how they traveled to Disney, how many people are in their party, the reason for the visit, and also opinion questions such as favorite attractions and most entertaining features and aspects within the Disney Park. Disney employees are taught to “exceed” customer expectations on all occasions. One thing that Disney really emphasizes is making the customer feel as though they are visiting a finely manicured magical land where everything and everyone is joyful and happy. Any customer recommendations are taken seriously and are evaluated by Disney staff to make immediate changes if necessary. A dedication to continuous improvement of customer service and quality of visit is always in the works and never stands still.

Disney Institute

Newly added in 1996 is the Disney Institute. The Disney Institute is open to all guests and provides them with over 60 different hands-on activities to familiarize guests with the magic of radio, television, gardening, animation, performing arts, design, culinary arts, sports and more. This institute is simply enchanted and is sure to make any visitor feel intrigued to learn more. The Disney Institute also hosts a variety of different corporate retreats to re-energize employees.

The simple fact is that Walt Disney World is a world of spectacular wonders and excitement just waiting to be discovered. Not only is it a place for children but for adults as well. Guest are treated with respect, courtesy, ultimately walk away with great feelings towards Disney World after each and every visit. Walt Disney World must be doing something right to experience such a satisfied customer and employee base.

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