Does Your Floor Look Ugly?

Go into a lot of factories and warehouses that use floor marking lines, and you’re going to see some messy, scratched up floors.

Forklifts are usually the culprit – they are heavy and constantly driving over the lines, pivoting on top of them.  This pivoting action causes friction, including heat and forces capable of compressing pvc or vinyl tape and softening even the toughest adhesive.

The cost of replacing this tape over time can be expensive, because it usually requires taking an employee off of their more-productive job in order to fix something as mundane as damaged tape lines.

That’s why I’m writing this blog post.

Because of feedback from customers about this problem in the various warehouse and factories out there, our company developed a new, more durable industrial floor marking system specifically designed to combat forklift and pallet jack pivot and compression damage – called SafetyTac EDGE.

This kind of tape is just like our other superior quality SafetyTac line, only it was designed with this specific purpose in mind.  EDGE is made from a super rigidly dense PVC material, and its adhesive is extra strong to keep it from falling victim to brutal forklift abuse.  Check it out, call us and ask for a sample!

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