I really liked an Forbes article I came across today by Carol Kinsey Goman.  It was about how to detect if a person is lying to you.  She notes that, according to university studies on body language, liars can’t be pinned down to exhibiting only one or two “tell-tale” signs of deception.  She mentions that, when trying to assess the honesty of a colleague (or dirty lyin’, cheatin’ boyfriend), body language and movements are often found in clusters.

Here are just a few of those signs:

  • Liars’ eye pupils will often dilate when they are about to lie.
  • Eye blinking will often slow BEFORE a lie, then quickly flutter AFTER the lie is told.
  • Fake smiles are a good indicator of possible lying.  A real smile will usually affect the entire face, a fake one will only affect the mouth.

I don’t think it’s good to deal with liars within my company, and when found out, I usually try and rid myself of them. But, you can’t always do this in the rest of society, and having some tools in your arsenal certainly helps you from being “made to look a fool.”

Read the rest of the article “12 Ways to Spot a Liar At Work” Here =>

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