If you are running a large facility like a manufacturing unit or a warehouse, then you should take care of your employees. Though your employees are performing efficiently and their productivity is good, you must be aware with the fact that they are at great health risk. How? Read on and explore…

It is a scientific fact that remaining in standing positions for very long hours may lead to deteriorated health. Many health experts even believe that a person should not stand for more than 4 hours in a stretch. The suggestion goes for walking as well. Such suggestions are given because standing for many long hours can make a person the patient of various diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension, arthritis, and various other muscular or bone related diseases. Moreover, it can bring a very high amount of fatigue to anyone’s body and your workers are no exception.

In addition, it is highly recommended that your manufacturing units or warehouses have such amenities that can provide your workers enough comfort without reducing their productivity. It is definite that a plant worker may hardly be provided any chair, nor you are going to give them a couch to rest. You can, but this obviously will reduce their productivity. If experts are to be believed, the workers should get something that can comfort them while they are working.

Stretching a highly padded blue velvet carpet in all over the premise might solve the purpose. However, it has one tiny but extremely important demerit, that is, it may get nastily dirty even by a single faction of litters. So, what is the solution for it?

Ergomat is the answer. It is a kind of the floor mats that provide a very good amount of comfort to the person working, standing, or walking on it by relaxing and cushioning the muscles. In addition, the Ergomat is made using special quality foams, so whatever type of grime you play with, it remains clean, clear and hygienic, always.

In fact, the Ergomat is an anti-fatigue mat.  It was specifically developed to solve the health issues like short-term fatigue. Moreover, it is made to protect from any sort of long-term injury linked with standing positions of work. It comes in various models and shapes. You can select as per the requirement of the working culture of your warehouse or manufacturing facility. Ergomats provide soft cushioning on the feet with the help of countless embossed soft pads. Not only this, the embossed soft pads also work soft acupuncture therapy. Thus, they improve blood circulation, control blood pressure and reduce fatigue. As the blood pressure and flow remain balanced, the overall muscular and skeletal system also works properly. As the result, the workers can work for more hours without any fatigue and the employer gets more productivity from them. The Ergomats symbolize one of the most advanced technologies for such purposes. These mats are soft in feel, but very tough in quality.

 Ergomats have various advantages like, exceptional durability, long warranty, cost effectiveness and flexibility to remain intact in any hard working condition and environment.

 At the end, it would not be wrong to say that Ergomats have brought a new revolution and have been emerged as the floor mats that increase the productivity.

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