Five Locations where Workshop Floor Markings should be used

A Workshop Floor Marking Guide

If you work in or manage any type of large facility, event space or other area and you are looking for ways to improve safety, implement 5S and/or lean principles, or just generally improve organization, you should consider the benefits of floor markings. Using floor markings, including floor tape, can be very beneficial for you. Look through the following five places where workshop floor markings are used so you can quickly get a good idea of how the area you are responsible for could benefit as well.

Floor Marking for School Workshops

Most schools today have a number of different types of workshops available so the students can learn about things like woodworking, manufacturing, and many other types of jobs. These are essential learning opportunities for students who are looking to pursue a career in any of these growing industries.

In addition to the learning about how to use machines, these workshops should also teach the students things like workshop safety and organization. This can be done, in part, by using workshop floor markings.

The following are some great ways that any school workshop can use this type of floor marking to improve both the safety of the workshop and the education the students will obtain.

  • Easy to Replace for Teaching – Teachers can put down floor marking tape at the beginning of each new class of students, and then pull it back up at the end of the semester. This will allow each new set of students to benefit from learning how to use it.
  • Hazardous Areas – Just like any other environment, there will be some hazardous machinery in many school workshops. Using floor markings to identify where the danger exists is an excellent way to keep students safe.
  • Safety Areas – Using floor markings to identify where people can safely walk and work is very important. Classrooms could create a path for other students or teachers to come in while touring the area, or to identify where students should be

Floor Marking for Warehouses

When it comes to managing warehouses, safety and organization are two of the most important things to keep in mind. Fortunately, using floor makings is a great way to improve both of these areas. It is not difficult to come up with excellent ways to use these types of markings in a warehouse, but here are some of the options that have been proven helpful in warehouses throughout the country:

  • Aisle Markings – Putting white floor markings along the edges of each aisle can help identify where vehicles like hi-lows should be driving within the facility.
  • Inventory Storage – When placing inventory in the facility, you can have the specific area where it needs to go marked off with workshop floor marking tape. This is especially helpful for pallets because they need to be placed properly to avoid using up more space than is necessary.
  • Walking Paths – Since most warehouses have indoor vehicles traveling all around, it is important to make sure people know where they can walk in safety. This is even more important when people are carrying boxes or other items that could obstruct their vision.

Of course, there will be many other uses that you can think of. Taking the time to identify how you can improve the safety and organization of your facility by using improved floor markings is very important.

Office Environments

While workshop floor markings aren’t typically associated with use in an office, they can be very helpful in these environments. Office areas, however, need to be well organized just like any other workplace. With that in mind, think about all the different ways that floor markings can be beneficial within an office. Some great options include the following:

  • Equipment Placement – Marking off exactly where things like printers or cabinets need to go will help ensure the available floor space is not being wasted.
  • Datacenter Markings – Many offices have a computer datacenter within them, and it is important to make sure people know where they can and can’t go within the datacenter. Marking off walking paths with workshop floor markings is a great way to make it easy to see where people should be.
  • Covering Wires – There are often computer wires that need to be secured in place under desks and in other areas. Unfortunately, this means they can often get kicked loose. If you use floor marking tape to cover them, however, they will be kept safe. You can also use different colors of tape for different types of wires to stay more organized.


When it comes to workshop floor markings, few workplaces use them more than factories. In some situations, having proper floor markings is actually required or at least recommended by regulatory organizations like OSHA.

Even if a factory is already using floor markings within their facility, they can always look into new and improved ways to convey information and improve safety with the floor markings that they use. Some of the most effective uses of floor markings in a factory include:

  • Identifying Specific Hazards – Marking floors based on what hazards exist in the area is a great idea. Putting down red tape, for example, if an area is exposed to extremely hot temperatures can let people in the vicinity know to stay out unless they are using the proper protection gear.
  • Preventing Falls – Putting floor markings near ledges or other areas where people could fall can help to alert them to the danger, even when distracted. This type of fall protection is important whether the area is very high or just a foot or two off the ground.
  • Evacuation Paths – Having one specific type of workshop floor marking that is always pointing toward the nearest exist is a great way to improve emergency responsiveness and keep people safe during fires or other dangerous situations.

Event Spaces

Another place where floor markings can be extremely beneficial is any type of location where special events are held. This could be arenas, sports stadiums, halls or conference centers. In many cases, these types of locations are constantly being reconfigured based on the specific even that is being held. Using floor markings, you can help to streamline the reconfiguration and improve the way things are done.

No matter what type of workplace you manage, you can benefit from high quality floor markings such as SafetyTac floor tape. SafetyTac has been making the most durable, longest lasting floor marking tapes for years, so you and your facility can benefit from all the different uses.


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