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Improving Communication with Floor Labels

cart-storageUsing visual communication in a facility is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve efficiency, safety and overall productivity. If you need help coming up with effective visual communication options, one of the best places to start is with floor label ideas.

There are many different types of floor marking labels that you can order to use within your facility. Many of them are pre-made with common text and images that can be used in just about any facility. You can also order custom floor labels to meet a specific need within your company.

Types of Labels

There are many different categories of floor labels that you can get for your facility. The following are some general ways that a label placed on the floor can be used:

  • Partitioning an Area – Using a floor label or floor marking tape you can section off different areas. For example, aisle markings can designate some areas for vehicles and others for people walking.
  • Informational – You can get floor labels that will provide information about the area. A label may say something like “Protective Eyewear Required Beyond This Point” to let people know that they need to use this type of PPE before entering the room.
  • Directions – While technically a type of informational label, directional floor labels are also a great option. These types of floor labels can direct people to different parts of the facility to help keep them from getting lost.
  • Placeholder – Some floor labels are used as placeholders so that employees will know what goes in a given area. A round floor label that says “TRASH CAN” on it will obviously designate a spot for keeping the trash can.

These are just a few examples of how you can use floor labels within your facility. Coming up with other floor label ideas can be quite simple if you always watch out for opportunities within your facility.

Floor Labels Can Help Organize Your Facility

If you are looking for ways to help organize your facility, floor labels are an exceptional idea. Many companies today will use floor marking tape, for example, to section off an area that is to be used for one specific use. Within that area they can use labels to identify what it is for. For example, in the image below an area is set aside for “Staging Slot 2.”


There are often sections of large areas that can be more efficiently used for smaller tasks. Within the floor labels, however, each area will often overlap, which can cause safety hazards and other issues. If you don’t have floor labels you may need to erect walls or other partitions, which are much more restrictive, expensive and can cause other types of issues.

As you can see in this image, you can take one large area and section it off into multiple smaller areas for general work.


These labels will keep the areas separate when people are working on staging items, but the labels don’t get in the way when other activities need to be performed. This helps to ensure your facility is as clean and easy to operate in as possible.

Of course, every facility will have its own specific needs when it comes to floor labels. Coming up with the best floor label ideas is something that may take a little time, but it is well worth the effort.

Identifying Storage Areas

Another great floor label idea is, as mentioned above, using labels to reserve a specific spot in the facility for a specific type of item. In the following image you can see a floor label that says, “40×40 PALLETS.”


This type of floor label will provide several benefits. First, it will let everyone who sees the labels know exactly what is stored there. This is important if, for example, you have a section for several different sizes of pallets. Using the labels you can make sure that everyone is able to always choose the right pallet for their specific needs.

Another way that this floor label can help is when all the pallets are gone and new ones need to be brought in. The labels will help by reminding people that they are not supposed to put any other items in that area since it is reserved for one specific type of pallet. Next, it will also provide a clear indication of where the people who are bringing new pallets into the facility need to place them.

Floor Marking Guide

Simple But Effective

Many people think that this type of floor labeling is too simple to actually help make any significant improvements. The fact is, however, that it is the fact that floor labels are such a simple solution that makes them so effective.

A well made floor label should be very easy to read so that people can get the message even with just a quick glance. This will make it so people can make proper decisions regarding everything from safety to organization very easily.

Many facilities have found that after putting down a well thought out plan floor labels can cause measurable improvements in their facility. Some of the following types of improvements are quite common:

  • Safety – Using floor signs to improve the safety of the facility is one of the most common and important uses.
  • Efficiency – Eliminating the need for employees to walk around looking for things is a great way to improve overall efficiency.
  • Compliance – Using floor signs to remind people to use personal protection equipment where it is required, for example, can help ensure your facility remains in compliance with regulations.

No matter what type of facility you are operating, make sure you are always thinking about different floor label ideas and how they can benefit your company’s bottom line. When done properly this can be a very affordable way to improve your facility.

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