Floor Marking Tape – Your Guide to Safety

Organization is a very essential aspect of safety in the workplace and all other establishments. Safety can help everyone get the work done without any trouble. Thus, facilities like factories, warehouses, hospitals and laboratories as well as other areas make use of floor marking tape to ensure that all equipment’s are in proper location and hazards are always marked for the safety of the workers.

Safety Floor Tapes – Importance and Application

Signage and documented memorandums play an important role when it comes to keeping order but the use of the different types of floor marking can be the best tool that organizations have to use in order to promote safety. Acquiring quality rolls of floor marking tapes would be enough to instil safety in any working facility.

Floor tapes or markings are indeed very simple but they are highly effective that can help workers in making sure that objects such as equipment’s are returned to their appropriate locations at the end of each day. The floor markings also serve as a way to provide warning so that the workers and other people entering hazardous areas exercise much caution making it highly significant.

Different Types of Floor Marking Tape

Basically, safety floor tapes are available in varying sizes, strength, grades, design and smoothness. The most affordable that you can have is the classic vinyl tapes that are cut from bigger manufactured sheets. With this, expect that the whole surface can be slightly raised above the level of the floor. Also, the back layer or the adhesive part extends all through the outer edge that lifts the vinyl above.

Thus, using vinyl tapes is recommended for sites or areas with less traffic as heavy machineries can make the tape wear and tear very fast. There are other options that are much stronger capable of withstanding rough conditions such as in industrial floors. An example of the this tape would be our, SafetyTac floor tape.

The Color Coding System

The use of floor marking tape is promoted by OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and along with it is the specially designed color coding system to facilitate better communication. Here are some of the examples of colors being used in floor markings along with their meanings:

  • Yellow – The most common color used for marking divisions and aisles
  • Red – Used to caution against materials that can cause injury such as flammable substances as well as electrical panels
  • Green –  It is opposite to red and shows the location of safety tools such as spillage showers and fire extinguishers
  • Orange – Used to indicate the presence of energized machineries that may cause danger.
  • Blue – Indicates the location of equipments that require repair. It also serves as a warning for workers not to operate the machines.
Creative Safety Supply continues to strive to make sure their safety tapes meet the customers standards. In addition, they frequently run tests to make sure that floor marking tape holds up to heavy forklift traffic and machinery traffic. We can say that our safety tape is the best on the market.

With all these, it is beyond doubt that floor marking tapes are the best tools to keep organization on busy facilities.


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