The Many Uses of Floor Tape in a Warehouse

There is not a single company on this planet that couldn’t benefit from efficiency improvements in their work spaces. This includes big dogs like Nike, North Face, Starbucks, and more. Even these companies, who have obviously been doing something right for a number of years, are members of the continuous improvement culture, and have budgets set aside each and every year for managers to constantly make their assembly lines better. The main reason for this is to accommodate growth. Even if you’re managing a small storage area now, remember that work spaces tend to slow as they grow, meaning that once you begin to expand, organization plays a huge role in your success. One of the ways in which businesses traditionally label their warehouses is through the uses of floor tape. First of all, floor tape is highly cost-effective, requiring very little investment to create new lanes and workplace flow in a matter of minutes or hours. In previous articles, we’ve gone over specific taping colors and what they are often used for, but this is something that is largely left up to your own discretion, so today let’s talk about some different uses for the tape itself.


One of the most common ways to use floor tape is to mark various lanes to be designated for different uses. For example, one color of tape might indicate lanes for machinery, such as forklifts, while another might tell people where it is safe to walk. Something as simple as a piece of tape on the floor can go a long ways towards improving safety. These lanes can also be used to designate to workers where customers may be driving vehicles (such as in a warehouse where trucks may be driving around constantly to pick up product).

Storage Area Indicators

In operations that use forklifts and pallets, tape can be used to create boxes on the ground where pallets should be lowered. This makes it obvious that the space is reserved and that other objects won’t be placed in that space. This can avoid delays and potential safety hazards in which a forklift operator may have opted to exit a vehicle with a forklift raised pallet in order to move items in his way.

This same concept can be used with entire areas that are to be used for storage of either material stock or for finished products. Tape boxes or shapes on the ground can make it obvious where workers are to store things. This not only saves them decision making time in the short term, but eliminates confusion that might come from looking for a product or material when it is needed later on (if it didn’t have a designated place).

Attention Grabbers

Admittedly, “attention grabbers” can mean a lot of different things, but it is generally used to indicate caution. Usually in red, red and white, or black and yellow stripes, these lengths of tape can be used to alert workers of dangerous places to stand, spaces that can be occupied by machinery without notice, electrical and chemical hazards, and more.

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