Foam Tool Organizer and Its Accountability in the Work Place

Every workshop has an inventory where records of all tools purchased are recorded. A look through the inventory indicates that most of the small tools and implements are usually recorded missing, broken or damaged beyond repair. While these may seem like negligible losses an accumulation in a number of years results into huge amounts that may never be recovered.  However, the good news is that these losses can be minimized or at least controlled by the use of a foam tool organizer.



It saves on time and leaves the workshop organized. If you have ever reported to a job in the morning ready to carry out a particular task only to spend the better half of the day looking for one of the tools that is crucial in accomplishing the task, then you would understand the need to organize tools in an easily accessible place. With the foam tool organizer, the tools are meticulously arranged in a way so they are easy to retrieve. Whether you are new to a workplace or have just changed your workstation, it will be easier to retrieve the tools.

These tool organizers come with tool-shaped spaces that ease the removal and return of the tools into the rack. Even a novice can handle it. It does not only have to be done by the one who removed the tools.

5 s methodology

The 5 s method is a strategy in the workplace based on five Japanese words that simply mean to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace by easing identification of processes, proper maintenance of the working area, and ensuring that order is sustained. This has come to be the basis upon which lean manufacturing is practiced today by most organizations. Lean manufacturing, on the other hand, suggests that all resources within an organization should be geared towards a productive cause; any energy that is divergent from this goal should be eliminated as it is poor utilization of scarce resources. There are several ways that have been put in place and the floor tape and the label maker are perfect examples. The foam tool organizer is a clear embodiment of this philosophy and the main aim is to reduce the amount of time used looking for tools when one needs to carry out a certain task.

Increases accountability

Some lost tools are not just due to misplacement but can be victims of falling into the wrong hands. With foam tool organizers, however, there is a sense of responsibility as the tools can be assigned to one individual who will be answerable in case of misplacement. They come in varied sizes and color option combinations and can be attached to lockable drawers hence minimizing losses.  The organization’s policy should be geared towards encouraging compliance with the 5 s philosophy and the tool organizer is a good starting point.

The benefits are immense and they are bound to take any organization to a higher level; towards efficiency and profitability.

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