Foam Tool Organizers in the Garage

Along with the flowers, and outdoor runners, the warmer weather of spring brings out all the car enthusiasts from their winter slumber. The cold weather of winter often puts car repair projects on hold. Each spring, however, millions of people regain their interest in vehicles of all types, and get back to work on their cars. Whether this means spending hours in the garage working, or taking the vehicle to a mechanic to fix that stubborn issue, this is truly the busy season for any garage nut or car repair aficionado.

With all this work being done, this is also the time of year when people misplace tools, and waste hours of time looking for what they need, or worse, going out and buying tools they already have. Staying organized is essential when working on cars, and few things can help keep everything in its proper place better than a foam tool organizer. These organizers are very easy to use, and help ensure every tool is not only kept in the right place, but also that it isn’t broken or damaged.

How it Works

The foam tool organizer is made of a durable foam material, with areas cut out for each type of tool. In many cases, the cut outs will be custom made based on the specific tools that are being stored. This is a great way to protect tools from damage, while also ensuring that they don’t get lost or misplaced. Some of these foam organizers can also be hung on walls, or other areas, to help ensure any work benches or other surfaces aren’t taken up. There are many great benefits associated with using foam tool organizers, including these:

  • Less Clutter – When not in use, tools tend to just be tossed in a tool box, or worse, on a surface in the garage. With foam tool organizers, every tool is kept in a neat and organized way.
  • Eliminates Wasted Time – Thousands of hours each year are wasted in professional and home garages looking for tools. Foam tool organizers eliminate this problem entirely. If a tool is not in its proper location, you know it is being used by someone else, so you don’t have to waste time looking for it.
  • Eliminates Wasted Money – Another common experience for car repair aficionados is being unable to find a tool, going to the store to buy a new one, and then finding the original the next day. This can lead to having multiples of the same tools, which is a big waste of money.
  • Keeps Tools Safe – Tools that are just thrown about often get damaged or broken. Even in tool boxes they can sometimes get wet and rusted, or damaged in other ways. Form tool organizers, however, keep each tool in its own spot, so it doesn’t get damaged.

Perfect for Home Garages

Working on cars in a home garage is something that people have been doing for generations. Whether working on your own, with friends, or even teaching children the art of automotive repair, this is a great way to keep all types of vehicles running smoothly. Home garages, however, are often used for far more than auto repair, which often ends up causing big messes. The tools required to work on a car, for example, will often get mixed in with those used to work on appliances, or other things.

This can make it difficult, time consuming and frustrating to get to work on any type of car repair or upgrade project. When using a foam tool organizer, however, it is simple to ensure that all the right tools are in the right places every single time. The foam is also very durable, and can stand up to regular use.

When it comes to home garages, keeping them clean and organized is often important for other reasons as well. A spouse, or children, for example, may use the garage for other projects, and they won’t want the tools in the way. The limited area needs to be kept organized so the most efficient use of it can be made.

Professional Garages

Foam tool organizers are also essential for running a professional garage. In many ways, staying organized in these situations is even more important than while at home. The owner of a garage, for example, will need to ensure everyone working there is as productive as possible. Any wasted time looking for tools is essentially wasting the money of the garage owner.

Tools that are misplaced and unorganized are also much more likely to be lost, or even stolen as well. With a tool organizer, however, it is easy to keep track of which tools are in use, and who the last person to use them was. Many professional garages have made it a priority to cut down on the downtime and number of lost tools, and have been able to save a significant amount of time and money by using these organizers.

Another benefit is that repairs will be able to be completed more quickly. The faster a repair is completed, the higher the overall customer satisfaction will be. This will, of course, lead to more business over time so that the garage can become more profitable.

Types of Foam Tool Organizers

When looking into getting foam tool organizers for your garage, there are a couple of different options. There are the basic types that come with pre-made openings for the most common tools. These are typically very inexpensive and will be able to hold a variety of the most common tools including ratchet sets, pliers, screw drivers and much more. These are a great way to get started, and will do a lot to really get your garage organized.

In addition, you can have custom made foam tool organizers that will hold your specific tools. These are ideal for those unusual tools that you might own, or for normal tools in unusual sizes. Having a foam tool organizer made based on your tools is not difficult, and it may even be possible to do on your own. All you need to do is trace out each tool you want stored onto paper, so the foam can be cut out to the right shape and size. Knowing the depth of the tool is also important.

For most people, it will be necessary to have some of the more common foam tool organizers for most of their tools, and then some custom made ones for the rest. This is a fairly simple way to ensure all your tools are organized and protected while not in use.

Affordable, Effective and Easy to Use

No matter what type of garage you work in, foam tool organizers are one of the best purchases you can make. They are extremely affordable, even when you get customized foam to hold your exact tools, they won’t break the bank. They are also the most effective way to store tools in any garage. Finally, they are very easy to use. The tools fit right into the foam cutout area, just like a child’s puzzle. If you’re looking for a way to clean up, organize and improve the efficiency of your garage, consider getting a foam tool organizer from Creative Safety Supply today.

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