Forklift Floor Signs

There is so much activity on the floor of the regular workshop or factory. Most notably, these facilities have a flurry of activities involving both man and machine. From the common person’s point of view, it is very difficult to put all these things in order. Actually, the factory manager can organize the facility through tools such as forklift floor signs. The use of floor markings to give directions in the facility is a cost-effective way of managing the various activities in these facilities.

The risk of injury involving forklifts in the factory floor cannot be ignored. Research shows that the machines account for about 1% of all the accidents in the factory. Considering that forklifts cause more than 10% of physical injuries in the factory, it is vital for people to install and use fork lift floor signs. The question that various researchers have dealt is about who exactly is to blame for fork lift accidents.

In a certain canning factory, there was an accident in which a coffee can maker was hit by a fork lift. The victim suffered a hip injury prompting the insurance company to launch an investigation on the issue. In the report, both the victim and the fork lift driver were found wrong.

The insurance company made further investigations and the findings were shocking, at least by today’s factory standards. Apart from being too dark and noisy, the facility did not have fork lift floor signs. Due to this, operators and drivers in the factory did not have any speed limits. Additionally, the researchers established that the production line speed was too high, and the fork lift had to be fast as well. Since the factory did not have fork lift floor sings and designated routes and alleys, the conclusion was that human error caused the accident.

According to OSHA, managers need to make sure that their facilities are safe for everyone. One measure of preventing fork lift accidents is using fork lift floor signs. Even with these signs in place, the risk of injury is always rife. Therefore, it is advisable for all employees to wear protective clothing in the premises. There is always the danger of pallets falling on your toes, or something falling from overhead. In some factories, the noise is too high, and you might be prompted to wear ear muffs to prevent ear damage.

As a factory manager, you need to find ways of curbing fork lift accidents in the workplace. In order to comply with OSHA regulations, it is essential to train all the fork lift operators. Further, it is very crucial to make sure that the contact between people and forklifts is as minimal as possible. Additionally, safety items play a crucial role in fork lift accidents reduction. OSHA requires all facilities using forklifts to install barriers where there is the danger of forklifts hitting utilities.

Using fork lift floor signs and protective clothing, and training is the best way of reducing fork lift accidents within the factory and workshop.

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