Forklift Training Video : Why Do We Need More Lift Truck Safety Info?

I was reviewing our forklift training video the other day, and I thought I’d give my two cents on how important it is to be properly trained in forklift safety.

Although most companies that either produce or store products use forklifts to move things about, I’ve found that a lot of companies don’t properly train their people in the safety aspect of it.  Fortunately, most places don’t have a problem with injuries or deaths related to forklifts, but, there are still over 20,000 forklift-related injuries and deaths every year in the United states alone.

I think that seems really ridiculous.  If your company fosters a culture of safe work practices, there should never be a forklift accident. People should know where all powered lift trucks zones are, and the drivers should know where all people are–or be held accountable for safe driving.

Forklift Safety Guide

Forklift Safety: Ensure best practices and protect your facility.

Forklifts are a tremendous tool, but without proper safety programs, these machines can cause catastrophic, deadly accidents. Safety is paramount to the success of any business, and this guide explains training information, tips, and inspection checklists to ensure forklifts are operate safely.

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