Funny Bumper Sticker Quotes : Make Your Own

I am in the business of selling label printers, so I’m constantly on the lookout for funny and thought-provoking bumper sticker quotes on the internet.

Bumper stickers are great for marketing because they are really a good way to get your feelings across in a minimal amount of time.

Now, if you’re going to apply them to your actual car bumper, though, be prepared for differing opinions, especially if you decide to put something racially-inflammatory, religious, or politically-charged to your car or truck.  People have strong opinions, and a bumper sticker with what some people might view as offensive could get you or your property into fairly hot water.

The other day, I was looking up “funny bumper stickers” online and found several I thought would be fun to share.

The “Coexist” bumper sticker, though not necessarily hilarious, is one of the most popular bumper sticker designs out there.  Its design includes around 9 or 10 different groups, including genders, religions, and peacefulness.

The Zombie Hunting Permit is a pretty funny one.  It looks almost authentic – other than the fact that zombies aren’t quite real, Bath Salts users notwithstanding.

This one is pretty good.  I have often thought this when people are dying to pass me and then are only one car ahead of me at the stop light.

Bumper sticker quotes are easy to print on a computer, and can make for a pretty decent side business idea.

Do you regularly come up with funny or political zingers that could be a big selling hit on a bumper sticker? Well, we just happen to sell a professional-grade label printer that makes an amazing bumper sticker printer for a good price.  Mark them up to whatever price you feel will be profitable, and you’ll have the label maker paid for in no time!


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