6 Funny Engineering Memes

For those of you lucky enough to be holding jobs as an engineer, you know all too well that this type of work is essential for the success of millions of companies. You also know that it can be stressful, demanding, dangerous, and is often misunderstood by others. To help deal with the difficulties of this type of job, let’s have a bit of a laugh with some of the more popular memes, and maybe pull some truth out of each of them.

So. What Exactly Does an Engineer Do?


This is a popular type of meme that is especially applicable to engineers. It really illustrates how most people (often, including engineers themselves) don’t quite understand what all engineers really do. The reality of the matter, however, is that in many ways, engineers really do fit all of the different images listed in this fun meme (to one extent or another).

Long Hours Are Just the Beginning

Strict deadlines. Constant requests for revisions. Endless client meetings. And then there is the actual work that needs to be done. It is really no wonder that engineers can get burnt out trying to finish all their projects. An honest engineer, however, will likely confess that they really thrive on this stress, and deep down, really love the fact that everyone relies on them so heavily.

If There’s an Engineer…There’s a Way

If engineers are famous for anything, it is being able to think outside the box, and always come up with a solution to a problem. Of course, that doesn’t always mean the solution will be the best, or most obvious, option to begin with. There are many situations when the important thing is getting a problem solved, not how it is solved. When that is the case, you better have an engineer on speed dial!

Engineering…Nobody Said it Would be Easy

For those of you who aren’t yet engineers, but are still studying to become one, this meme is for you. For as complicated, stressful, and difficult as the courses required to become an engineer are, it almost seems like you should have ‘DR.’ before your name once you’re done. Anyone just starting new classes to become an engineer, you have our sympathy! Just make sure you stick with it and it will all be worth it in the end.

Find Solutions First…Then Problems?

If this meme doesn’t fit most engineers to a “T” I don’t know what does. Engineers so often think of brilliant ideas that are truly incredible. The only issue is that they don’t yet have a strong reason for use, so the engineer must go out and find a problem that their idea can fix! While this may seem backwards (ok, it is backwards), it is just something people working with engineers have to get used to.

But in the end. Engineers Really Are the Best

Like all fields, engineering has a lot of ups and downs. But in the end (as any engineer will be more than happy to tell you), engineers really are the best. They are essential to virtually every industry, can come up with solutions to almost any problem, and are some of the hardest workers you’ll ever find. So, we hope you got a few laughs out of this article…….Now get back to work!

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