Funny Lean-Based Humor


Sometimes, lean and its components can be a little dry and serious–but that doesn’t mean the folks who use it are.

I recently discovered a website (started by Lean Blog author, Mark Graban) that has funny lean memes, including humorous 5S, Kaizen, 3 Wastes (Muda, Muri, Mura), Six Sigma and PDCA sayings that go with silly, semi-relevant photos.

Some of them are pretty hilarious – using something so technical as “root cause” and coupling it with a funny photo of a small child is kind of great.

Kaizen Guide

Kaizen Guide: Better your business with continuous improvement

To be successful, you can’t make an improvement once and forget about it. Effective lean businesses use kaizen, which means “continuous improvement”. In kaizen, everyone looks for ways to improve processes on a daily basis. This Kaizen Guide explains the kaizen mindset, basic kaizen concepts including the PDCA cycle, and real-world examples.

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