Funny Warning Labels and Safety Signs

Funny OSHA Safety Sign

As I was reviewing some marketing materials for label printing the other day, I found myself on Google Images checking out some of the safety signs and labels.  What was amazing to me, and quite funny, was the amount of crazy safety directions on regular, everyday products.  I figured I’d display some of them on the blog.

Obviously, our LabelTac label printers can be used to make high quality safety labels like the ones you see below, but it concerns me that we, as a society, have to actually warn others not to put a curling iron into their eye or not to eat lawn fertilizer.  I’m guessing that, because of the litigious nature of our country, the manufacturers and retailers of products just can’t afford to forget to cross their Ts and dot their Is.

Hope you have a laugh, but, if you don’t understand why these photos are funny, you are probably the label’s focus group.

UPDATE: This is no laughing matter – A little 2 year-old boy fell into the wild dog exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo a few weeks ago, and his mother may have benefited from the zoo sign below.  Unfortunately, these signs exist because some people truly lack the common sense that most of us possess.

warning sign

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